Sunday, April 14, 2013

In other random news...

Thanks RunDisney for posting this awesome photo to facebook!

I signed up for my second full marathon.  Yep - even before I do my first - I'm getting on board with my second.

Which one did I pick - why the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon!  And, then, I also signed up for the inaugural WDW 10k..I figured if I'm already there, what's the difference.

Am I nuts?  Nah.

It'll be a great way to keep me running through the winter.  The Portland marathon is in early October.  As long as I can finish that training cycle (and race) healthy, the plan is to take a week or so off and then pick up in the training cycle again for the race in January.

I'm doing this trip as a girls trip.  The two ladies I'm traveling with are doing the inaugural Dopey Challenge (on consecutive days - the 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.  They're...Dopey!  ;-)

I'm stoked to be doing the WDW marathon. I've heard so many incredible things about Run Disney races and ESPECIALLY the ones at WDW.

This certainly won't be my only RunDisney event - my friend and I already have the Goofy Challenge (half then full marathons on consecutive days) on our agenda for 2016.  This will be a full family trip and most likely Logan's first visit to WDW.

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