Thursday, April 04, 2013

Last thoughts from vacation...

We're wrapping up our last day here in Bend.  It's been a nice trip - the guys got a lot of skiing in, Logan and I definitely got a lot of "us" time together.  There were a couple of days when I was really glad the guys got home so I could run out for a quick errand and get some quiet time by myself.

But, all in all, it was great.  Bend is such a family friendly town.  Unfortunately, we didn't explore the downtown too much - Logan is just too young and I hate the hassle of wheeling the BOB everywhere and maneuvering doors with him.

We did a fair amount of dining out.  I refused to be the "cook" for everyone - since this was my vacation too.  This resulted in dinners out in town.  It was nice, but we didn't get too much variety in food since we tended to go to brew pubs.  There are only so many different burgers one can have.  Luckily, we pretty much were always able to find something for Logan on the menu - hummus was a BIG hit!

Logan slept in the same room as Joe and I for 5/7 nights.  Wow...I don't miss that.  Neither Joe nor I sleep well when we do that - we're so sensitive to our own noise and all the little noises that Logan makes.  I'm looking forward to getting him back in his crib.  Logan slept very well since we've been here - for both naps and night time sleep.  I kept waiting for him to notice Joe and I in the same room as him and peek over the side of the crib...but he didn't.

We found some fun random things to do.  One of which was "playing" with telephones.  Our old-school phones are tucked away at home for an emergency (we're a cell only house) they're quite the novelty item.

We had a good amount of fun "making" and answering calls.  To think he'll grow up in a world without regular phones!  

I got a decent run in yesterday - out for about an hour - and it WAS uphill the whole way back - plus a really strong headwind.  I felt a little better when I looked at the elevation today and realized I was running at 4000 feet.  Looking forward to getting back to sea level!

Joe, Logan and I went on a short hike today around the property.  Logan definitely has been noticing wildlife, trees, anything and pointing them out to us.  Joe and I are both pretty good about telling him what we're looking at.

We have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow...but before we know it, we'll be back to the old routine.  

Just so that i can remember all the fun places we hit - here's a google map of parks and breweries!

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