Monday, April 01, 2013

Major Mini Fun

Yesterday was a full day on the mountain for me - what an insanely amazing day to ski.  It was so sunny, the weather was just warm enough, the snow was soft without being slushy.  It was perfect.  I have the perfect slight burn on my face to prove it.

Joe had another day on the slopes that meant more fun for Logan and I.  We went to another park that looked like it had more toddler friendly play things - and it certainly did.  Logan got a kick out of exploring the whole area.  We had a great time going round and round one of the play structures playing hide and seek.  I think my favorite moments, though, are when we're holding hands walking along - not because he needs me to help him stay up but just because.  These days won't last long, I know.

They had a few unique features - I don't know what this one was intended for, but it was a great climber for Logan.  When he was a little unbalanced, he was able to roll off easily - it wasn't all that high and the rubber matting kept the fall soft.

Finding enjoyment in everything - in this case, a fallen pine bough.

After the guys got back from skiing, we hit the mini-golf course at the place we're staying.  Not surprising, Logan "played" very little, but provided amusement in between the holes.  Sometimes we had to hit around him...other times he helped move the balls slightly...he was striking the ball with the club a tiny bit.  If you blinked, you missed it.

Sometimes he just enjoyed putting the ball into the cup.  If only it were that easy.

Who knows what adventure tomorrow will bring....

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