Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts from the road

My first real work trip as a mama is just about under my belt.  And, I'm left wondering if dads spend their trips thinking about their kids and being reminded by them if everything.  Almost at every point of my days, except when I was working, I was reminded of Logan. Relaxing at the pool, enjoying the glorious sun and warmth for a few minutes...I saw children playing in the pool and thought about Logan doing that in the near future.   I looked out the window of the wonderful conference center onto Glorietta bay and thought of being down here with Logan and Joe in the future.  Are men burdened with these thoughts when they travel or are they completely able to detach and think of home happpily but not yearn to be there.

And then there's co-worker and I went there twice this trip.  Both times, while I enjoyed myself greatly, I was torn with an immense desire to be there with Joe and Logan. I saw all these kids about Logan's age on rides, interacting with characters and just all over the park. I was always  wondering what Logan would be like, what would he do with the characters and if he'd enjoy the ride I was on....sigh.

Luckily we won't have to wonder too long on Disneyland...we're headed there in a few weeks.

I "chatted" with Logan once on the video chat and twice on just the normal phone.  The video was a disaster.  We tried oovoo...unbeknownst to us, Joe's folks were on there with his brother so somehow we ended up in a four way telcon with them. But I couldn't be seen or heard...all I wanted to do was talk with Logan - not be in some stupid VTC.  So, after a lot of swearing at the tablet, Joe and I finally got connected privately and then the connection was awful.  It wasn't meant to be.  The phone chats were more successful...marginally. 

Bottom line - I can't wait until I am home late tonight and the kiddo is in my arms when he wakes up in the morning.

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