Friday, May 03, 2013


Logan has started saying "uh-oh" when things fall onto the ground...

Of course, when he falls...I don't think it's so much "uh-oh"...and it's more screaming.

Poor kid fell at daycare yesterday...I got the call that he split his head open (they didn't say that so much) - and had about a 1" gash on his forehead.

He was remarkably calm by the time Joe and I got there and remained calm for most of the experience...except when the wound was being irrigated (eyes covered - scared and probably not pleasant) and then when he was hungry and tired and wasn't at home.

We treated him to chicken nuggets from Wendy's.  And then a nap.  We're fortunate that the pediatrician was able to use glue to hold the wound shut.  Stitches would have been a miserable experience.

If Logan ever gets to play in a leaf pile in the fall - I think he'll be a pro at making it explode!

To add insult to injury - about 10 minutes before bath last night, he managed to trip and get a bloody nose.  Ugh.  What a day.  

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  1. Poor dude! Pennny conked her forehead pretty bad today while I was a thes salon and Adam was watching her :( its bound to happen...