Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Cape Kiwanda...short but long trip!

Joe and I are usually pretty good about scoping out escapes when offered by Living Social, Groupon, TravelZoo, etc.  We must have not looked at a map closely enough, because we bought a 2-night deal for the Inn at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, OR.  The package was awesome and the hotel was lovely and in a stellar location (across the street from the ocean - the sound of it was super clear in our room).  BUT - it was a minimum 5 hour drive (not counting Logan stops) one way.  Ugh.

We made the best of it and hit Tillamook cheese on the way down.  This was about 40 minutes from our final destination and was a hit.  What's not to love about cheese samples (yum), watching a factory with people waving up to him and ice cream?!

 Once we hit pacific city, we didn't want to get back in the car until we needed to leave.  We almost made it (gas stop and quick trip to see what we might be missing out on), but for the most part, we stayed put where we were.  The beach was great.  Much less popular than Cannon Beach (another haystack rock resides there), soft sand, dunes and a cool Dory fishing fleet that we watched speed to shore.

Logan LOVED the ocean.  Almost more than he loves sand.  :-)  The first night was a bit of a shock (the ocean is quite cold here) but he kept wanting to go in...even after he was chilled and shivering. Yes, we were good parents and quickly bundled him up when he got wet...  It was awesome.

I bought the same sand bucket set that my mom had purchased...he's still a little young for it as a sand set, but drinking ocean water was made easier by the cups.  Oh the look on his face when he tasted that salt!  It was so promptly came back out!

Other random wonderful things...Logan scooting down sand dunes and clapping when he got to the bottom. Loved it.

How much he loved ice cream (who doesn't)?!

Relaxing out on our porch with Joe in the evenings.  That was something we haven't done in a long time.

It was a long trip...but a nice short one.  And I swear, this is it for getaway adventures...for a few weeks!  More of the fun things we have planned coming up are local...Mariner's games, the Brewer's Fest...I love summer in the NW!

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