Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Chi-Town Bound

Ok, next up in the adventures category would be the trip that Logan and I took to Chicago to see my folks and then up to Eau Claire to see Grandma Dora, Aunt Chris and Uncle Ray.

Flying with a toddler by oneself while still having said toddler as a lap baby?  In a word...exhausting.  Especially when he's a tall kiddo and there aren't many napping positions that are really all that comfortable for him (I gave up on comfort about 15 months ago, just saying).  All in all, he did well on the flights. Window seats were the way to go - they provided a different distraction (let's put the shade let's put it down) and I had a good stash of stuff to occupy him.  I'm still giving him a bottle at take-off and then a toddler food pouch at landing to help with the ears.

I'm so not flying with him as a lap baby anymore.  Either with or without Joe.  Totally over that.  :-)

So, the chicago trip.  In a nutshell - it was great.  Logan got some good time with my folks to play, read and hang out, lots of playground time each day (hello, swings!), slept through his first thunderstorm (yes!), played with a nutty dog and got to meet some very nice animals at a petting zoo.  Alpacas, deer and sheep, oh my.

However, he didn't sleep worth a crap.  And, when he did sleep, I didn't sleep well (hearing him toss and turn keeps me awake).  Totally bummer.  He woke up between 5 and 6 am every day just about.  So the first few hours of the day, I was a zombie.  Ugh - so frustrating.  He napped well and by the last couple of days, he was back to 2 naps / day because of how early he was getting up.  Luckily, we got back home and he went right back to sleeping well.

He has such a little seemed that there were times at meals when we'd all be talking and then he'd have something to share or say - he'd just take over the room.  His faces (blinking very deliberately) are hysterical.  I'm so glad that everyone got to enjoy it - and I know he enjoyed it.

What a great trip - I can't wait till he's a little older and we can go do more of the fun things around where my folks are.

Another newly discovered treat - his love of musical instruments.  He had fun playing the piano at Grammy and Grampy's house at Christmas.  Aunt Chris and Uncle Ray had that PLUS a guitar.  To say that he loved the guitar was an understatement.  If it was in his line of sight, he wanted it to strum.  Awesomely, now if he sees a guitar photo, he strums the strings.  Love this kid.

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