Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Disneyland with a 15 month old

We've had adventures galore lately and I've been holding off posting anything because I wanted to get the last of my photos back from the photopass we used at Disneyland.

We had a super quick trip down to Anaheim for two full days at DL and California Adventure...we were going to wait till Logan was a smidge older, but when the opportunity presented itself (Grammy and Grampy were getting off a cruise in LA) - we decided that we'd make it work.

That's not to say that we didn't have our challenges.  Logan didn't sleep all that well (hello coming into bed with us for the first time) and he had that wound on his forehead we kept obsessing over.

But, all things considered, it was a magical trip.  Most of my worries about going to Disneyland were based around how Logan would perceive the characters (scared?  terrified?  care at all?) and the rides (same).  These were totally unfounded.

Logan adored the characters.  I could get a sense for how it would go when we played Buzz Lightyear the first night...he was enthralled with the huge animatronic Buzz at the start of the ride.  The ride itself has a ton of sounds and sights, so it might have been a LOT for him to take in.  But he just kind of sat there, looked around and just absorbed.

We decided to do the Minnie and Friends breakfast at the Plaza Inn to kick our trip off.  We got the first seating (score) and I'm so glad that we did.  We had the characters basically all to ourselves for the first 15 minutes or so.  It was amazing.  Logan started (with the second one he met) sitting down in front of all the characters to better take them in.  For the most part (costume limiting), they all bent down to be at his level.  I had tears in my eyes watching how smitten he was with Minnie Mouse.  So sweet - he gave her lots of hugs and smiles.

The whole rest of the visit was like that.  He adored a lot of the rides that were just roundy roundy (Dumbo, Astro Orbiter, the carousels) and danced to some of the music in the dark rides.  It was awesome.  Enchanted Tiki Room (seriously a simple attracting with singing flowers and birds) was enthralling for him...clapping, dancing.  Fun. We can't wait to go back when he's a little older so that he can take even MORE of it in.

It was nice to have Joe's folks there as well AND his brother Eric with their little one.  I'm the primary disney nut, so I ended up keeping tabs of the touring plan, fast passes, etc.  It's always a lot of work trying to get us to see as much as possible...and sometimes the lines don't cooperate with the touring plan.  But, we adapted and enjoyed it all.

A few notes - I decided to purchase the Disney Photopass+ ahead of our trip.  It was $70 and you basically get a CD of all the photos that the park photographers take of you PLUS the character breakfast photos PLUS the ride photos.  I thought I'd give it a whirl to see if it was worth it.  The park photographers will use your camera to take photos, sure.  But I was curious to see how convenient it was having them do it.  But - just adding the character breakfast photos (digital files plus 5 hard copies and a nice folio) and the ride photos (normally $15 per photo) made this a "absolute".  It was so nice not having to hand my camera over to the park photographers.  I could just enjoy Logan enjoying the characters.  At Disneyland, this was a steal and I'll definitely do it again.  There are so many characters and photographers out - and I think our longest wait was maybe 10 minutes for Buzz Lightyear.

There are a couple other cool things you get with the Photopass package - a CD of Disney's stock photos.  Super fun for all those amazing shots you'll never get.  And, you can do edits to your photos on the disney site - adding neat borders, etc.  When you are all done, they either mail you a CD or let you download all those digi files.  Still for $70.  So you could conceivably end up with double or triple the amount of photos that were taken based on the edits you do.

I'm trying to talk Joe into another DL trip at the end of this year... :-)  Please?!

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