Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seattle Mariners Fun Times

This past weekend, the Yankees were in town and I was a baseball widow for two days.  But, on the third day, it was time to take the family to the game!  We made plans with the Foster Kids to make this a fun outing.

We got going early and did our normal trick of parking at the USGC base nearby....we arrived at the stadium just prior to the gates opening - Joe snagged some insider knowledge that it was going to be insanity due to being both Little League day AND King Felix day.  Our goal in getting there so stinking early was to have Logan and Joe participate in the Little League parade, so we needed to be all over it - the stadium was expecting about 12000 (!!) little leaguers and their families at the Safe to walk the field.

After some kindness by the ticket person at the wrong line (which helped us totally skip the long line), we zoomed up to the Yankee dugout and saw Mariano Rivera being interviewed.  Joe snapped a few photos and then one of the pitchers ID'd us out of the group of M's fans (wearing our Yankee gear), got Joe's attention and tossed us a ball.  So awesome....

From there, Joe and I split up so he could go walk the field with Logan.  In hindsight, I could have joined them in the parade, but it was fun watching them (when I finally found them).  Joe ended up putting Logan on his shoulders so they could dance around together.  When I first spied them, Logan's hat was totally over his was cute, but Joe readjusted it and Logan started bopping again.

I tracked them around the stadium for a little bit.  When I was snapping photos over by 3rd base, one of the other guys standing in the seats near me commented on how cute they were. I agree!

By now, it was time to go meet the Moose.  Last year was kind of a non-event.  This year, Logan was reaching for his snout and in general, digging the experience.

Lunch time....a chance for the kiddo to stretch his legs and then the game started.  We had a great time hanging out with Lisa, Jordan and Big E.  He and Logan didn't play together all that much, but there was sweet snack sharing, looking over the side of the railing and chilling together a bit.  There was also an incident where Logan threw an apple snack over the railing down to the level below....but we won't discuss that here.  Oddly, when that happened, Joe and I both ducked that was going to do anything.

The only downside to the game was Logan's the time we got him to settle down, it was 2:30pm (2.5 hours later than normal), we had to use the ergo to get him relaxed and he slept for only 30 mins.  He was a champ though...just a little cranky when we finally got home.

The game was a good time and beautiful weather.  Hopefully we can do it again at a Rainiers game (the M's farm team in Tacoma) this summer again.

Big E (about 19 months?) and L (a little over 16 months)

Two strikes they're out!

What adventure is next for our family?  Stay tuned!

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