Friday, July 26, 2013

It's been a while since I've just kind of wrapped up what Logan has been up to...

Since the end of the cruise, we've been down to just stories at bedtime.  This has held true for Joe putting him down as well.  Totally awesome - I was worried about ditching the bottle finally, but he kind of took care of it for me - complete lack of interest the last couple of days on the cruise.  He looked for it a few times when we got home, but now it's just no big deal.  He definitely has favorite bedtime stories...

He's been trying lots of things - and some of the shock me what he loves.  Soba noodles, chilled pork tenderloin in an asian salad (when he didn't like the hot tenderloin after I just made it), apples again, prune juice, peas...still not a huge fan of steak (any form) and I think that shrimp is now out of favor.

He's been slowly expanding his vocabulary.  Earlier this week I asked him where his Wiimote (i.e., the one that he shorted out because it went into his mouth too much) was and he clearly said "I don't know".  Awesome.

He loves throwing balls around the house and outside.  He's obsessed.

We've started having him help put his dish away after dinner.  He does a really good job walking it over to the dishwasher and putting it in there.

He and I went swimming at Paula's house last weekend.  He was really unsure of the depth at first, but after 10 minutes, he was dunking his face in the water, splashing and laughing.

And, speaking of water, he apparently is obsessed with the water table at daycare.  He went through two sets of clothes today - he was completely soaked when I picked him up because he couldn't get enough with splashing out there.  Loved it.  His friend E was digging it too - I hope his mommy didn't find him to be too soaked when she made it to daycare!

Our weekend is going to be pretty chill.  I have a short 12 mile run tomorrow and then on Sunday we'll be going to our friends house in Lacey to chill on the lake and relax with them.

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