Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boy oh Boy

This felt like a very "boy" weekend to me.  Lots of animals, sleeping in (for the guys in the house) and just awesomeness.

On Saturday, we all went to the Pt Defiance Zoo.  It had been ages since we had been there and it was nice to go while it was warm out and the sun shining.  Lemurs, meerkats and tigers were favorites this go-around.  The newly redone aquarium and their sting ray touch tank is still a little too old for the kiddo.

We went into the budgie room and bought some seed sticks.  I think Logan didn't know what to make of the birds.  He was pretty serious our whole time in there!

We also had the opportunity to watch the clouded leopard club play around a little bit with another one of the cat cubs.  They were so stinking cute!

Going to the zoo with Logan is EXHAUSTING now.  He definitely wants to be out of the stroller and if there are stairs, he'll find them.

We all needed to recharge after the zoo, so we headed over to a small restaurant in Tacoma that had a great view of the Narrows Bridge.  Saw a supercool park on the way there as well - Titlow Park - that I'll have to remember for another time.  Splash area AND really great looking play structures.

Sunday was my long run day for training - we're up to 19 miles.  I felt pretty good the whole time which was really reassuring.  When I got home, I learned that Logan slept till 10AM - AGAIN.  That little stinker.  Always sleeping in late for Daddy.

I was trying to do my "legs up the wall" yoga to help my poor tired legs recover when someone felt like he needed to join me!  I swear - I did NOT put him in this position at all.

Joe cleaned the gutters out as well Sunday while Logan and I explored in the yard.  Logan is now hearing things (birds), watching them fly, pointing and then telling me "I see!". Yes, you do sweetie.  He did that a couple of times with the birds and then again with a frog.  We were wandering around the house when I found a frog that Joe must have tossed down from the gutters - he was probably 1.5-2" long (ish).  I finally managed to capture him and showed Logan.  He wasn't super interested but did a great job gently petting with one finger.  I let the frog crawl up my arm (to our amusement) and then he hopped away.  We were back in the same area about 10 minutes later and I could tell Logan was looking for the frog again.  So, we finally found him, Logan said "I see!" and held his arm out showing me he wanted the frog on there.  I obliged and Logan thought it was pretty cool.  He did great with gentle petting.

It was a fun weekend...I'm still in awe with how stinking big he's getting....he's 19 months old today!

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