Monday, August 05, 2013

Hello August!

WOWser.  Is it really August already?  I look at Logan sometimes and see a little kid - no more baby here!

We've had a nice weekend so far, but I was thinking about just how much is changing with him right now...

He's no longer content to randomly listen to whatever books I grab for bedtime - he has definite favorites that he wants and he lets me know which one he wants.  Current favorites are "If You Give a Moose a Muffin", "Mama, Is it Summer Yet" and our bedtime poem book. He also likes part of "Love you Forever", but I can't make it very far in that one without crying.

He loves helping with the laundry!

When we're all done getting him dressed for bed, he gives hugs and kisses, says "night night" and bolts into the bedroom.

Lion's Park, Poulsbo

He's starting to be able to play by himself for short stretches of time...this weekend I made pickles while he played with a Mr. Potato Head toy.  Awesome.

L is definitely not getting carried around as much as he used to...I try to keep him with me when I'm cooking (sometimes) so he can see what I'm doing and "help", but man, he's BIG!  My arms are wearing out quickly.

At the end of meals, he now takes his plate, goes to the garbage can, empties it out (although it's usually been pre-emptied by Mama), puts it in the dishwasher and closes the dishwasher.  What a little helper!

When we ask him to do "Downward Dog" - he does!

Coming home from grocery shopping the other day, I had him help me unload one of the bags. I figured there was only a fresh loaf of bread and some cream cheese (Joe is smoking some steelhead...steelhead dip coming our way!).  Before I knew it, the paper was off the bread and the whole round was in his mouth.  He was so happy about it, I couldn't take it away just then.

And, was the perfect weather for this outfit that I picked up at Disneyland earlier this year! Needless to say, the little ear hat is too small for his head...luckily I had a cute baseball cap that my mom got him.

And, approximate stats for 18-ish months.  About 30 pounds (I call it cross training when I pick him up all the time) and 34-1/4" tall.  :-)

Marathon training is going well...I did my second 15-mile run this past weekend.  A TON of elevation gain over the miles (600 feet), but we ended up with a pretty respectable time. This week I have about 16 miles planned mid-week and then a 17 miler this coming weekend.    Added cross training was pushing L in the running stroller while I ran up and down the road.  Whew - that was a workout!  Yikes.  

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