Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pig Roast 2013

The fourth annual McGrath Pig Roast was another resounding success.  Each year we continue to get a little more efficient and knowledgeable about putting this shindig on...

We had a slightly bigger than expected pig - she made it into the box with about 1/4" to spare (by the skin on her snout)!  We used a brine recipe that we had tried and loved a couple of years ago...coupled with the pig coming from a guy we know at work who raises heritage pigs as a passion (he also has a crazy menagerie at his house - bobcat as a pet, hedgehogs, etc) - it was awesome again this year.

We had a slightly smaller crowd than previous years (WHY do Gen X'ers (my people!) and Millenials seem to be the worst RSVP'ers....seriously) but Joe and our friend Jerry made insane work out of the pig and this was the end result...

Unfortunately, I took NO photos during the pig roast.  Logan was running all over the place and I wanted to keep an eye on him.  He had an amazing time with his friend from daycare, E (previously seen in such events like the M's versus Yankees and Zoo Boo).  The two of them actually took turns sharing toys (mega thanks to Lisa and Jordan for helping with this - they're seriously amazing).  I think one of my favorite sights was E running toward Logan at one point when Logan was in his little buzz lightyear rocket ship...E tripped, slid in the grass and had this stunned look.  After being reassured that he was ok, he got up and kept running around.  Logan joined him and then they both started sliding around on the grass!  Coupled with alternating rides in the cozy coupe (eventually with one kiddo hanging onto the back) - Jordan got a great workout there.  And then E's expression when he tasted the pig....priceless. 

Logan slept super well that night (well, except for the time when someone came into the house to yell goodbye...and then when one of the neighbor kids banged on the back door)....I think he was exhausted.  I know I was.

We did have one catastrophe...or should I say...beertastrophe.  I woke up Saturday AM (Pig Roast Day), puttered around the house while Logan still slept and finally went into the garage for something.  When, there before me, is a garage that smells very much like beer with distinct flow paths of a very dark substance looking like beer coming from the kegerator.  Shit.  I open the door to the fridge, confirm that the Smoked Porter clone that Joe made has somehow leaked out of the keg and went to wake Joe up.  Needless to say, he was not happy.  We lost about 4/5 of that beer and now were suddenly down a keg.  I hustled to BevMo where they luckily had two pony kegs left....crisis averted AND the beer I picked (one of the "rough draft" Alaskan Brewing beers we had at the brewery in Juneau) was wonderful.

Logan continues to be pretty freaking cool.  We have our moments of screaming / tantrum (this week it revolved around cheese...) but he's a funny little dude.  He's super outgoing - tells everyone at daycare "hi" or "bye" depending on the situation.  Blows kisses....mastered fist bumps...snuggles, reads and is just a lot of fun.  He's also pretty determined to move things around if they are not where he likes them.

We were going to loan out this toy because he hadn't played with it in ages when he rediscovered, now it's back in the rotation.

Marathon training is going well.  I'm 6 weeks out from the Portland Marathon and the miles are creeping up.  I've been fortunate so far with soreness / injuries.  I'm trying to take care of myself (roll, ART appointments) to prevent any issues... Tomorrow is the longest run yet - 19 miles.  We taper off next weekend back down to 14 miles and then the last long run before the race - 20 miles!  I took a day or two more of rest this week because I felt like I was coming down with something - and luckily the emergen-c kept it away.

Here's to a great week!

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