Saturday, September 28, 2013


We have a twenty month old kiddo in the house.  He's pretty awesome right now.  Strong willed sometimes (dinner last weekend when he was "all done" 5 minutes in....and we actually went out for a change).  But funny, sweet and totally adventurous.

What is he up to right now?  He can make it onto the guest bed by himself.  He climbs onto the big chairs in the living room and then slides off the arms.  He loves cuddling with Yankee (although she was a little traumatized still from another toddler being pretty rough with her a week ago so she hasn't been up for much socializing). He sings along to music on the radio (which Joe and I find hysterical - he especially loves Mumford and Sons".  If there's a good dance beat on said music, he starts jamming in the backseat with no prompting.  He "led" me around the house yesterday with some used packing tape.

He loves smoked salmon, tomatoes, fresh pears (see above) and then anything else is a crap shoot by the day.  Sometimes I think we have a picky eater...but I think it's definitely more attitude based versus pickiness of food.  

He "plays" Wii with Joe in the mornings on weekends and has started saying "WII" when he wants to do that.  He knows that it's a Daddy thing and he doesn't bug me.

He's started saying "Mommy" more (he was using Daddy for either Joe or I), so now we look at pictures and he can say "Mommy,!).  So fun.

Side note - when we were in Hawaii, there was a morning that he woke up crazy early.  Joe and I were laying there like corpses, not moving at all, in the hopes he'd go back to sleep.  Logan called out, "Dada?.....Daddy?......Up?......Down?......Elmo?"  And then went back to sleep.  It was so funny, but neither one of us wanted to make a sound because then it was game over!

My mom is coming TODAY! for 2 weeks.  Should be an awesome time.  

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