Thursday, September 05, 2013

Things to remember

1) We went to a sushi restaurant with Logan over the weekend.  Tamago was NOT a hit (sweetened egg, come on kiddo!), but yakisoba was a love.  He also loved the chopsticks.
2) He's starting to count a little.  If we say "one", we get a "two" and sometimes a "three".
3) Same thing with the alphabet...not much, just a couple of letters.
4) He's been singing along with us.  "Rumor Has It" has some oooooo's in there and he was singing with it on the radio.  Same for "Wheels on the Bus" - he tried to sing along with the "all around the town" part.
5) I've been offering to kiss things to make them better for a while - and that's just taken with him in the last 3-5 days.  He now offers up whatever body part has an owie (and he definitely says "ow") for a kiss.
6) We got a "what's that" for the first time over the weekend.  So fun that he's wanting to learn and we can understand a little more now.

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