Monday, September 02, 2013


Well, I'm tired.  Running around after a toddler, running in a 10 mile race that had a 4 mile warm-up to get the miles in, canning 25 pounds of tomatoes, making 2 desserts for a 10-person party, cleaning up the house...and trying to read furiously for school makes for one quick weekend and one tired mama.

All the canning prep was finished while logan was napping...waiting for water to boil was the most frustrating part.  I got 12 quarts of whole peeled tomatoes out of a 25# box from Eastern WA.  I still have 50 pounds of fruit waiting for me (25 pounds each of peaches and pears).  What to do...

Logan was extra snuggly after a 2 hour long nap today!  Good timing with that long nap, buddy!  Mama needed the time today.

Chocolate mousse?  Yes, please.  Raw eggs don't scare me!

Loving our new books from Emmett!  They're our new favorites for bedtime.

Mama got me a guitar a while ago...I wonder why it sat in the closet for so long...I LOVE it!

Oh, and Paula and I killed the 10 mile run.  I asked her if we could push it a little more than usual for our "LSR" (long, slow run) since I wanted to use this timed run to submit as proof of time for WDW Marathon.  We talked about doing between 9:30 and 10:00 min / mile.  Totally exceeded my expectations - we rocked it at 9:33 min / miles for a fairly hilly course.  Totally happy with that and I submitted my proof of time today!  Woohoo!

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  1. Busy mama for sure! I have canned some tomatoes but honestly am not sure if I trust it. I used one jar relatively quickly as filler for some spaghetti sauce, but the second jar has been sitting for about 3 months. I prepped them the same way I prep my applesauce and it sits for at least 6 months sometimes.. but I'm avoiding opening this jar for some reason :$

    I'm almost done with my case of peaches, have a case of apples waiting (they can be patient) and am waiting for our fruit stand to get their pears in. Mom and I made this awesome pear jam last summer that pairs (hehe) well with cream cheese and smoked salmon - you may have had it at one of her parties in the past.