Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zoo Times

One of the things my mom and I always try to do while she's here is get in a trip to the Point Defiance Zoo.  This time, it was a little in question (see previous posts re. shutdown and furlough!), but we managed a beautiful day and good timing on the one day I took off (same day as the pumpkin patch).

The hits this time was the 5 month old Tiger cub.  The two snow leopard cubs were snoozing when we visited...we should have stuck around the zoo a little longer (darn naps!) because they were probably up and romping within 30 min of us leaving per their facebook post!  Oh well...another time.

The tiger cub was playing with one of the other guests - "leaping" on his back, chasing him around.  It was cute...but, I still felt bad's a zoo.  And this gorgeous tiger is pacing, etc.  Sigh.  First world problems.  It was cute, and Logan really enjoyed it this time.

Someone is ALL OVER the place now.  He looks like a pretty confident little walker...I think he was only in his stroller for maybe 15 minutes towards the end of our trip...

The kiddo doing his famous "I'm not looking at you" photos.

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