Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's the most wonderful time...

These next few weeks are piling up on me...marathon training is back in full force, I have about 6 papers due between now and mid-December, I have scrapbooking that I really want to get done...and then all the good stuff with life moves along.

Last week, I headed out for what was supposed to be a 15-mile training run. It was misting out, but no big deal.  Ugh.  I of course chose to go out on the day where a major windstorm came through...and actually ran through it.  I ended up soaked and freezing by 13 miles in, so shorted myself a little on that.  After warming up a lot (and boy did that take a while!), Joe, Logan and I headed to the Poulsbo Fish Park to look for salmon.  No luck this time, but we had a great time walking around.

Sunday brought more fun...I was heading to the store in the morning for ONE THING I had forgotten the day before (don't you hate that?!) and as we were driving, Logan says "Fishies?".  Ok bud, we'll go look for fishies.  Again, no luck, but we did stop to play on the fish sculpture a little.

It was a pretty chilly day out, so we watched Daddy work from inside.  

And then later in the week, a group of ladies from work and I went to the Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo for another great cooking class!  This time it was centered around holiday pies and everyone had a great time.  I have to say that the pie I made up in Port Angeles was way better...this crust was designed to be able to be reworked and some people really, really worked theirs (i.e., treating it like play-doh).  But, this was more about the social aspect than anything else.  It was wonderful to get out with some of the ladies and have some fun.

I feel like I'm behind on updating this thing...but, more to follow..just trying to keep the priorities straight!

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