Thursday, December 19, 2013


I feel like I've blinked and now December has almost come and's been hectic and stressful here..not going to lie.  School, marathon training, being sick (again).  I sound like a broken record, don't I?  Add a dog to that mix and a wandering toddler and it's been a lot sometimes.

Some favorites from this month:

We had about 5 days where Logan was SLAYING food.  Man - I could hardly keep up!  And now...we're back to normal.  It was difficult to get him to take 3 bites of dinner tonight.

Logan was semi-taunting the dog with cheese when the dog was outside.  Joe jokingly said "suck it, dog".  Guess what the next words out of Logan's mouth were?

The obsession with "What Does the Fox Say" continues.  Logan now knows what the fox says...

Favorite phrases "What mommy doing" "What daddy doing" "No pushing....(add in name here"

We had a dance party in the car at daycare this week.  We were running a little late, but one of L's dance songs came on and we cranked it so we could all dance.  The happiness from that lasted...well, almost to lunch, so that's a plus!

L woke up early the morning after I put the lights on the tree.  Joe put the tree on a timer (as usual) and it has morning hours.  I got into the kitchen after getting ready to see L standing in his jammies with his blankie (my bankie) in front of the tree.  He said "oh wow".

The boys are slowly getting better together.  I don't think Panzer is nipping nearly as much these days...

And then we put up a Christmas tree and all hell broke loose.  It would be EASY if it was just Logan.  He likes the tree (a lot!) and helped me decorate it a little bit.  But Panzer has been relentless on the tree.  All the ornaments are almost out of reach of him now...and most of the lights have been taken down to the few lowest branches.  We've had two ornaments break so far...and he's broken a wall outlet from his craziness.  It's exhausting.

Before and after pics of the tree.

Logan and I went to Zoolights at Point Defiance with our friends this year.  L and E were buddies from the get go (not that they aren't always) and we walked hand in hand out to the parking lot...and through the zoo...and through the aquarium.

Zoolights was really pretty...cold, but was a little frantic after work, but we got it together and made it in plenty of time before it got crowded (and I"m not sure that it ever did!).

I think this is all I can manage tonight.  I'm anticipating Joe finishing up putting L to sleep any minute, so my dog watching duty will be over and I can get out to the gym finally.  Bike trainer, here i come!!!

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  1. What a wonderful month! I've been telling Adam that he needs to start watching his 'key phrases' as well ;)

    We purposefully got a smaller tree and put it up on an end table. Between P and Squirt, someone was going to pull down ornaments or think it's the new marking post. No thanks! Good thing this tactic worked, because next year we'll have a 9 month old on our hands as well... ;)

    We need to make it down to Point Defiance with you guys one time - let me know when your next plans may be and I'll see about coming down and planning a visit to Lacey as well. We also can re-do our Woodland Park Zoo trip at any time :)