Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chicken Sitting

Two of my neighbors went out of town this holiday season and I was asked to chicken of the sets of chickens was much more low key (i.e., less chaotic) so L and I usually wandered over to look for eggs, change water and feed these chickens together.  Logan talked about the chickens and the eggs all week and whenever I collected eggs, he'd want to see them in the carton right away - and called them "chicken eggs".  Smart boy.

We had a great time taking care of the chickens - I think this is my favorite way to "own" them - chicken sitting for a week at a time!

"You know, if you're cold you can put your hands into your pockets."  Hands go immediately into pockets...

"Do you see the chickens?"  "Yes!"

He knew where the food was by the end of the week and wanted to throw a handful into the run.

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  1. Fun! I want to get 3-4 this year, we already have a coop...just needs a little renovation of its own ;)