Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Review!

Well, Christmas has come and gone and the tree is totally undecorated already...we'll leave the random decorations up for a little bit longer, but I am SO DONE with guarding the tree!  And, it's a little bit wonderful at this particular moment because BOTH kids are sleeping - Panzer is with me on his dog beg (which is the real miracle) and L is taking his nap.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Joe and I wrapped / assembled gifts for the two nights before the big day.  Luckily L didn't wonder what all the amazing wrapped packages were in our bedroom when he wandered in one afternoon.

L and I hung out on the 24th..I decided to take the day off work.  When I picked him up from daycare on the 23rd...Joe and I had a present from Logan!  Two cute ornaments that they made in class.  Needless to say, these were hung up right away!

L and I hung out on the 24th...just dinking around and baking for the next day.

I was so excited to get all the presents under the tree this year!  I couldn't wait for L to wake up the next morning...

Well, he woke up early (5:30) and all he wanted was his normal morning routine...elmo and juice.  We did that for a little bit and I finally couldn't take it any longer - I took him over near the tree and he found his trike.  This was good enough for a while when he finally realized there were more goodies under the tree.  Present unwrapping was pretty non-eventful.  L would start in on one, need me to rip a little more to keep him interested...and then finished it up.  He pretty much just played with a few of the toys for about 10 minutes each and we quickly tucked the rest of the toys away to pull out mid-year.  We're lucky that he's still fooled by that trickery!

We really didn't go too crazy with toys (contrary to what Joe thinks).  I had been stocking up throughout the year and we picked a few from that lot.  The one thing I REALLY was excited for him to get was a strider bike.  But the weather has been so damp / chilly that we haven't gotten him on it yet.

Two favorite toys were Elmo and Cookie Monster.  I didn't even realize that he knew the name "cookie monster" but when the box was opened - he identified him right away.  And, hysterically, he started feeding cookie monster cookies completely unprompted and making the "nom nom nom" sound.  

He loves the trike...but we don't love it inside the house, so it's now an outside toy!

Logan helped me whip up some cream for later on.  He's such a good helper - especially if the result involves something sweet.

Joe and I were going to dinner at home (prime rib! yum!) but were invited over to Charlie and Kathy's again...they pretty much insisted we come we joined their family for another wonderful meal.  We're so grateful to have such amazing neighbors.  And L loved going over there - he's (hopefully) a hit and I think he does pretty well with dinner.  

Hmmm...the amount of stuff in the bed is getting a little ridiculous...

Since it was a little chilly yesterday morning, L and I went to the Bainbridge KidMu for a bit.  He had a great time as usual and we went to the upstairs this time - it's a little more science oriented and older, but he loved it.  Golf balls everywhere!

Today we're just hanging out.  Joe is smoking some salmon and starting to work on a Learning Tower for L. 
Hopefully we'll head outside if it's not raining...


  1. Lol, Penny calls Cookie Monster "Tee-tee."

    Learning tower - like a tower to bring him up to counter height to watch you cook? That was one of P's presents from Adam, he built one over the course of a few nights a couple weeks ago. It's almost done, just needed a few tweaks after it went on it's maiden voyage. I'll send you a picture :)

    1. Yes, exactly. Joe is cruising through it with the days off that we have...hopefully it'll be painted and ready to use here by mid-week. :-) I'm so excited to have him use it - he wants to be up "helping" me, but I can only hold him for so long and the chair I've used in the past really isn't a safe solution.

    2. And cookie is "too-tee" for L. :-)