Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hello December!

Logan and I started off December pretty chill...he was still on the mend from being sick for a few days, I was coming down with what he had (thanks kid) and I figured an art project was in order.  We started with markers and then switched to paints when he started sucking on the blue marker - he looked like he had swallowed (and licked his lips with) a blueberry jelly belly jelly bean.  Yikes!  

The paints were a hit - he kept asking for more green and blue paints and I just let him go to town.

Happy Logan...happy momma

I HONESTLY did not set this up - Panzer just settled into Logan's kid chair and fell asleep...

While I was out running errands, Joe said Logan really needed to crash...so he took a snooze with the puppers.

Speaking of puppies...I had forgotten how utterly insane they are.  I'm home sick with Panzer today and he is such a goofball....romping, sprinting throughout the house randomly...amazing...and so fun to watch.


  1. What brand of paints did you use?

  2. Just crayola...nothing fancy.

    1. ok :) thanks! i've been looking for finger paints for Penny and have been debating between buying or using that pinterest recipe that's been floating around.