Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 in Review and Goals for 2014

Well, just looking back at 2013, it was quite a year.  I was just watching L for a little bit this morning and was amazed at how much he looks like a little boy...not quite like a baby anymore.

First, some personal accomplishments...probably ran over 650 miles.  I don't wear my watch for every run so I am probably off my total (457) by about 200 miles.  I had a month where it was off getting fixed, it took me a little bit to figure it out, etc.  Did an overnight relay, the Ragnar Northwest Passage, my first marathon, PR'd my 10-mile time and just PR'd a half marathon on Dec 29th by about 3 minutes from Sept 2012.  And that was after being sick and not hitting a training run for almost 5 weeks.

I finished up my MPA from Indiana University.  Finally.

Read about 35 books.  Again, I didn't keep up to date.  I'm not counting the awful books I had to read for my MPA.  Bleh.

Now, the fun stuff.  We adventured down to the OR coast with Logan again, he had his first stitches, we went to Disneyland to meet up with Joe's folks, an Alaska Cruise, I flew solo with the kiddo to Chicago to visit my family and we had a major long roadtrip to Bend, OR.

Joe and I have been married for (wow!) 13 years...we got a new puppers about 11 months after we lost Sabot...and we're still most definitely in "puppyhood".

I think this is my favorite picture from the year.  We had absolutely no expectations for how L would react to the characters at Disneyland and after checking out Minnie from the floor, went in for a big hug.  What a magical first visit we had.

So, let's move onto 2014.  

PR my 10k time....9 min / mile for the duration would be nice.  I'd also like to break 2 hours in the half marathon, but Joe has a busy second half of the year for work, so this is kind of secondary.

Journal 1 thing / day that is cool or special.  

Re-start scrapbooking.  Even just a little bit.

Try 1 new recipe a week and KEEP TRACK of what we eat / like so that it doesn't feel like I'm always reinventing the wheel.

Put more yoga into my workout life...and a core workout.  Nothing fancy...I'm even willing to call planks my core workout.  Something I can do inside the house while Joe is out running or whatever and L is asleep.

Enroll L in swimming classes.  Seriously.

Read 50 books and DOCUMENT them!  

Try to be more "go with the flow".  Hmmm...I need an implementation plan for this one.

Socialize Panzer more than we did diligent with puppy school and the lessons we learn there.

Do some runs with the dog.  And Logan.  Just not at the same time.

Learn to be "hands off" with L when appropriate.  I saw what a difference this made yesterday at Play Kitsap.  We were in the big kid bounce house and he wasn't keen on bouncing...wanting to leave after a minute - even holding hands with me.  Some slightly older kids went in there later and he wanted to follow them.  I got him in there and stayed outside...just watching.  And lo and behold, he started bouncing a little bit and was cool with being in there.  Need to remember to let him experience things on his own...and that he'll learn from that so much more by me being right there.

Have a date night with Joe monthly.  We've really focused on L quite a bit and need to make sure that we're getting time together as well that isn't a frantic rush to get things done...

I think that's a good enough list to start.   

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  1. Some great goals! I might need to get some book recommendations from you, it's been a while since my last good read.