Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday Boy!

I cannot believe how the time has flown by and we are already Logan's second birthday. How much has changed since last year...and heck, in the last couple of months.

He now says "I love you" back to us. 
I asked him how his day was today and he said "fine."
He has a big old cheese smile when we ask him to say cheese.
He shared really well yesterday for his birthday party.
He will try lots of different foods and randomly can identify avocados in photos.
He also knows the photo of an "oppopuss" aka octopus.
He likes holding hands and walking around.
He will get a shopping bag and go "shopping" around the house.
He kisses the screen when video chatting with our parents.
He says "beast mode!"
He is a great helper...he loaded his entire laundry basket into the washing machine and picks up cloths saying "I'm cleaning"

So, we had a super small birthday party for Logan on the Sunday before his birthday. Our good friends (and Logan's Godfather) the Emory's dame over, as did our neighbor and my mom. I knew there would be an Elmo theme and tried to keep it simple for everyone's sake...I picked up the banner on etsy, the poufs on TomKat studio (Elmo and Cookie Monster were added by me), the cake was a Pinterest idea and opportunity for me to practice beast mode cupcakes for next weekend, and the shirt was also an etsy buy.

Breakfast at the Oak Table, Kingston.  YUM and a total surprise to see a Dog n Suds picture from my hometown Dolton, IL!

We slowly decorated throughout the day. Of course, Logan would not go down for his nap as planned..probably because he could sense the energy or something.  My mom furiously frosted the cupcake cake while I tried to get Logan to turned out wonderfully!

The friends arrived and we had a nice time. Joe smoked some ribs from Costco out on the grill (yum!), and we had pretty simple sides...homemade red cabbage coleslaw and baked beans.

When i put the cake out, Zeke said "ow, wow!" was really cute.

Cake time was a hoot. We started signing to Logan and it was as if he was looking around for the birthday boy...or hew as embarrassed by the attention.  He was super enthusiastic about blowing the candles out and killed the Elmo frosting!

Sippy cup time!

I cannot imagine the adventures that the next year will bring!  Logan, time is going so quickly.  Know that your dad and I love you immensely and enjoy all the everyday moments we get to share with you.


  1. Happy birthday, L! I love how sweet and simple it was.

    1. Thanks B. We didn't want to do anything huge...went to Red Robin the next day for his actual Bday and had a horrible experience...oh well.