Sunday, February 02, 2014

Boppa's visit...

Well, another visit from my mom has come and gone....the time goes by way too quickly and Logan will definitely miss Boppa here...not only does she watch logan for most of 2 weeks, but she helps out a ton with cooking and cleaning as well.  Which, in turn, lets our evenings be a little less frantic and then we get to spend more time with Logan.

While she takes tons of pics, she is rarely in any of them.  Here they are enjoying Logan's Birthday video...again...

We bought L a strider bike for Christmas, but he's resisted wearing the helmet.  We FINALLY convinced him to put it on when WE all put "bike hats" on.  And then it was no big deal!


Miss you Boppa!  Thanks for another wonderful visit and see you on Oovoo soon!

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