Friday, February 28, 2014

Park City

Sitting in the middle of a vacation to Park City , UT with Logan, I couldn't help but think about how much vacations are evolving. Last year for our ski trip to Bend, it was all I could do to find things to do with a 14 month old. We spent as much time out of the condo as possible, but it still felt like I was stretching for things to keep us busy.  Too little for essentially everything. Walking was still wobbly, jumping was a non starter.  Feeding solid foods was still new. And I was still nursing a little bit.

The vacation this year is similar.  As a toddler and not potty trained, we don't have a ton of options for drop off care here.  Joe and I got a half day skiing together, which was great for me because the other half of the day was crazy awesome powder. And the houses of my dreams at the Canyons resort (the Colony).

But, there are way more things to do and Logan lets me know what he wants to do, which was a hoot.

Logan and I had a ridiculously good time. We've "snowman" everyday...aka, played in the snow and throw snowballs around. We found an indoor play place that is a little too old for Logan (I have to be with him almost all the time, but managed to let him climb up the stairs and then we meet at the top of the play structure.

Monkey Mountain in Park City, UT

Joe took L skiing...sliding down the hill in Joe's arms. Logan's smile was incredible.

We went sledding...and L went down the hill by himself quite a few times.  And even climbed back up on his own all the times (a dozen?) but one.

L went on a big kid was low enough to the ground where any falls wouldn't have been a big deal. But he held on tight, kept his feet up and let me push him.

Tried to get him to do the front and back swing, but not yet...

We had hot cocoa almost every day...usually out in town somewhere, but sometimes at home.  Whenever he was wearing out, I would ask "is it time for hot cocoa" and he'd reply "yep!".

More posts later!


  1. What great pictures!

  2. Penny also recently graduated to the 'big kid' swing - our house came with a swing set in the back and we added on a baby seat when we moved in.