Saturday, March 01, 2014

Montage at Deer!

After seeing Kevin and Amanda's amazing posts about a getaway to Montage Deer Valley (and the apres ski!), I knew that we had to try to make it there while on vacation in Park City.  It's always one thing to go to a place when you're paying for your stay or (in the case of amazingly lucky people) get it comp'ed.  It's another thing to drop in when you are with a toddler, looking a little bedraggled and hoping that people will be nice.

After dropping Joe off at Deer Valley to ski our last day, I told Logan we were going to play snowman...I started the trek up to Montage and thought for sure I had gone too far...but finally there it the end of the road and looking glorious.  I actually drove into the driveway, left because I didn't want to ask about parking to just play in the snow and then came back about 5 minutes later after sitting at the bottom of the Empire Express, getting L dressed for the snow.  I finally said to myself "screw it, I could stay here if i wanted to" and drove back up to the entry way.

Let me just put this in perspective...I travel a lot for work (or, I used to pre-Logan). I am ok with asking for a better room or seat if I have status with the hotel or airline. And sometimes even if I don't. Br that has only come with a ton of travel and being a fairly frugal travelers nothing ever, ever as posh as the Montage.  Well, maybe when Joe and I splurged miles and points on our big Europe trip, but that was a once in a lifetime trip that was first class all the way.

So, I asked nicely (and possibly desperately because Logan was really wanting to play snowman) if there was somewhere I could park and play in the snow for an hour.  Let me put this I perspective.  Montage walks your skis to the snow if you unload and want to ski right away.  I saw's real.

The valet person who met us was kind engough to say it was fine and to direct me where I could park right by the entrance and I just left the keys in...

Then the ladies at the concierge desk directed me to the tubing area as a good spot.  And they were right.  I want to say that if was blatantly obvious I wasn't a guest there at this point.  Not with a fully outfitted toddler, me with a bag, snow boots and looking a little harried from running after L.

What a perfect spot.  The snow was deep and soft...amazing views.  Logan and I spent probably 20 minutes on the lawn climbing around.  It was all I could do to stop him from taking a big sledding trip down to the ski run that went right behind the Montage!

When the kiddo and I were heading back in, out walks this beautiful dog with one of the ladies from the concierge desk.  We chatted a little, I learned his name was Jonas and that he was one of the Ambassador dogs for the resort. He was a sweetheart...and Logan was loving him. He was so excited that we got to ride the elevator with the dog!

And then as we were parting ways, Logan finally wanted to hug JoJo.  So sweet....

Logan and I continued to explore the hotel, as much as possible and found the back lawn, by the pools (sigh) and mountain.  Gorgeous....I dream of staying here someday!

Finally, since we weren't eligible for the apr├Ęs ski hot chocolate and home made marshmallows (a weakness of mine), I found the coffee shop and got the kiddo some wonderful hot cocoa with a generous amount of whipped cream.  Yummy!  While we were sitting there,  gentleman walked by and asked if we were having a good day...I think the smiles are all the answers I need!

Well, this ended our quick stop to the Montage in Deer Valley...hopefully we will visit again another day!


  1. Love the pics of Logan hugging the doggie and enjoying the hot chocolate.

  2. Agreed, the pics are adorable and what a special memory for you guys to share. So many times those random side-trips that weren't planned end up being better than the ones you prepare for and anticipate. Love the Bernie too.