Sunday, April 27, 2014


Logan has spent a lot of time noticing airplanes lately...partly due to Joe talking about me flying in an airplane when I went to Japan and partly because he sees them zipping around.

I didn't have anything planned today after my short 4.5 mile run, so we hopped in the car and went to the airport in Bremerton.  Storms were predicted to be coming in, so I knew it was a little dicey.

But, we lucked out.  Just as we were walking around, a couple came out and made their way to the plane.  We were able to watch them from inspection to take off.  L was so excited when the plane took off - he told the other folks watching "the plane is flying!"  awesome.

We went into the Airport diner to see about lunch, but it was way too crowded...we had talked about having cheeseburgers, so I was backed into a corner...I had a backup plan and it paid off wonderfully.  L had a great time at the Big (or Red?) Apple Diner in Bremerton.  He killed the burger, we stole fries off each other's plate and we jammed to 50's music.

When we got home, L ran into the house "Daddy, I saw planes!  I had cheeseburger!"

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