Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Short moments...long memories.

April 1st...a normal evening.  Kiddo and I wandered over to the chickens and we had mud play along the way.  He was so excited because he was just exploring touching, jumping and throwing rocks into it.  I didn't want to try to stop him and really, every kid needs to feel mud.

 I did the bath routine with Logan and Joe had taken care of bed so I could go work out.  As I was coming back in, a little creature was coming out of his room - appearing to Joe as if he had woken up.  I took over and brought the kiddo back into his room.  He tossed and turned, not really settling down and popping back into the house when I'd leave his room.

I'm sitting there, in the dark, silent, waiting for him to settle down to a point where I could leave the room for good.  We're well over 1.25 hours into the bedtime routine now (which is back down to 45 minutes or so).  But, I'm calm...not frustrated.

And then he pops out of bed, comes over to me and shoves his big owl into my lap.  He then goes back for his blankie and puts that on me as well.  And then I open my arms, expecting just a kiss or quick cuddle.  Instead, he hops into my lap and lets me rock him for 10 minutes as he settles down.  I don't get to rock him too much anymore.   I could have stayed there for ages, knowing that these moments are going to be gone quickly.  He was happy and cuddly.  Finally, he stretches out and I ask him if he's ready to settle back into bed.  He walks back to bed... I tuck him in, kiss him goodnight and we're good.


  1. So sweet. I love how they surprise us with special snuggles like that.

  2. Lovely. Time goes too quickly.