Sunday, April 27, 2014

We're on a boat

It's been a little crazy here the last few weeks for no real reason.  I think that with the spring upon us, we've been out and about a little more and I haven't felt like sitting in front of a computer.

Joe had been feverishly getting the boat ready to put in the water for the last couple of months as the weather cooperated.  There was some last minute troubleshooting of electrical components, but he got it all fixed an it successfully went into the water two weeks ago.  Logan and I made an evening of it (post my PR half-marathon!) and took pizza to the boat to enjoy dinner with daddy.  Logan has been itching to get on the boat for ages and he was so thrilled to finally be onboard.

We're on a boat!

Practicing being at the helm.

Down below in the sleeping / eating area. There's another bed right under the helm down below as well.

Logan was so happy to finally get on the boat - he kept talking about it for a week!  And he still talks about our boat being in the water.  Can't wait to take it for a spin...another couple of fixes need to happen (mechanical this time) and then she'll be ready for a ride.

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