Monday, August 25, 2014

Poulsbo Beer Run 2014

Race recap...Joe was in Hawaii and had signed up for the fall Poulsbo Beer Run.  I said I would run it...but was not overly enthusiastic.

I knew I needed to get Logan on board with sitting in the stroller for 4 miles.  As it was, he was getting a smidge better with more than two laps (about .8 miles per lap) on our block.  I did not have high hopes.

And then I broke out our costumes and he was totally on board.  

Making sure you fuel, stretch and mentally prepare is super important for race day.

Funny Joe.  He asked me what I wanted on my bib..."just Jenna".  Humph. I had no idea he'd take me so literally.

Preface selfie!

Logan's first selfie.  Look at that happy boy.

This was about 2.75 miles in.  It was hot, but we were having a great time.. Ther were a lot of walkers. So many that Logan started saying "On your left, please."  So cute.  

I didn't enjoy the beers nearly as much as Joe did, but it was a good time.  I knew it was time to move on to touch a truck when he was all done....

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