Saturday, August 23, 2014

Soapbox Derby

This is old by now, but a few weeks ago, Logan and I headed to a local soapbox derby just a few miles away.  I work with the race director, so he let Logan sit in his daughters car, gave us advice about how to watch the race (and the etiquette) and was generally pretty cool.

Logan was hesitant to get into the car at first, but once he did....

Happy faces all around!  He had a hard time being convinced to get out of this car and into the more custom car...

We spent about 20 minutes watching the race from here.  He went "racing" for a bit (10 feet) and was enteral led with sitting in the car.  We walked down the track and he loved watching those kids zip by...we have another chance in September to go watch and I'm hoping it works out!

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