Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Zoo Times

Ah, another lovely Sunday morning at the Point Defiance zoo for Logan and I.  It so funny how the tempo of our visits has changed. This was my first stroller free visit and the kid was a rock star with running around everywhere!  It was going to be a hot one, so we got there just as the zoo was opening up. Logan loved walking down the stairs and we beelined right for the sharks.  We headed downstairs where the sharks are and a younger girl with her parents wandered down the stairs.  Logan was all about showing her the sharks, saying hi to the fishies and running back and forth between the windows.  When we finally left the aquarium, Logan waved bye to the sharks and said "bye sharks!"

We wandered over to the budgies, fed them very well (although the birds weren't approaching at first...I think it takes them a bit to find the sticks when everything opens up) and kept wandering through the zoo.

  The monkeys were looking especially sad in their enclosure...I still have a hard time with zoos.  We went the the kid area, played, fed the goats and then hit the carousel.  He did awesome but there was a little freak out in the middle that we worked throu. He was having a blast on his zebra by the end.

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