Sunday, February 22, 2015

Free Until Three Day 2. California Adventure

Well, the second day of our Disneyland adventure took us to California Adventure.  We had great hopes for the day and then....rain...rain...rain.  Joe did a quick run to the market in the morning to pick up a poncho for the stroller (great time to not bring the rain shield, although I don't know how much it would have helped).  Best move of the day.

We made our way to the park with the tentative plan to spend a good chunk of the day in Cars Land and then hitting some of the other areas as we could.  Also wanted to hit the Pixar Play Parade.  Sadly, whe it rains as hard as it was, essentially none of the characters come out and the parade was cancelled.  But, we made the best of it.  

The other downside to the rain was that the Photopass Photographers don't come out.  I had hoped to have some nice pics taken, but we only found one brave woman who took some killer pics in a bunch of places.  She was amazing and we were so happy to get her.

We were at a bit of a loss what to do.  Logan loved the Mater Junkyard Jamboree, so we did that a few times.  Mater sure knows how to keep those pesky little tractors in line!  We also did Luigis Flying Tires, which, with the rain, made for an interesting effect.  But. Seriously, the kid was happy and we were happy.

However, what made us all REALLY happy was Joe spying Lightning McQueen driving up next to Radiator Racers.  Joe truly jogged with Logan through Cars Land so we could get in line.  And Logan was tickled pink when he realized who was pulling up.

We explained to Logan how the other characters (Mater, Buzz, Woody) didn't like the rain and the kid was cool with that.  I'm just happy he got to meet one of his faves.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur.  We were pretty much soaked by nap time, but Joe persisted and did more rides while I went back and hung at the hotel.  Joe made the most of nap time and got a few rides in.  I loved "stalking" him on the photopass page and seeing what he was riding..and he was getting progressively wetter as the day went on.

Post nap was more of the rides, getting soaked.  We stayed in the park till the lights came on.  Radiator Springs at night is magical and at Christmastime, even more so.  Every place has a unique tree...all the neon plus Christmas lights was very cool.

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