Thursday, March 05, 2015

Free Until Three - Day 3!!

So there we were.  Wet and exhausted at the end of our second day at Disneyland.  We had a half a day left since I needed to head to San Diego for work and Joe and Logan were flying home.  We were a little disappointed that logan only got to meet Lightning McQueen at California adventure,msp we made an audible and asked Logan who he wanted to see.  And he could only pick one - Mater or Elsa and Anna.  

He picked Elsa and Anna in a heartbeat, which was the  original plan.  It may not seem like it, but a properly organized Disneyland trip is not for the faint of heart.  I knew exactly what needed to happen to make visiting Elsa and Anna go smoothly, with minimal waiting.  Joe thought I was batshit crazy, but he knows my plans work when everyone supports them.

We got to the park early.  My task was to speed walk ahead everyone and get in line.  We got to the best gate, were near the front and I essentially power walked / jogged through the park to the holding area for the meet and greet near the partners statue.  The plan was to be one of the first 49 in line so that we could go directly in (basically) and not have to wait for another fastpass.  These fast passes are serious, people. They are given out entirely for the day within an hour of park opening.  

Logan strategy razed our route through the park, being an awesome kiddo for us.  And then we were led through the side of the castle to fantasyland.  We were here.  Logan was stoked.  There was no rushing going on at this character greeting (not that they really rush any of them, but this one even more so).

And it was our time.  

Logan was beside himself.  Elsa came over and walked him over and they started chatting.  Anna asked him about chocolate and hot cocoa.  They were so sweet and wonderful.  It was truly magical.

This is the stuff that makes people talk about pixie dust.

I could end the day there.  Logan was in heaven and that just made the trip.

Unfortunately, the rain returned just as were were riding Dumbo.  But nothing could dampen our spirits.

We were able to get a couple more rides in...Hanunted Mansion (not a hit, especially with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay), Pirates of the Caribbean (meh), Autopia again to hit a highlight, and then Small World with the holiday overlay.

Logan loved small world and this is honestly my favorite time to ride it.  I love the Jingle Bells song blended with the normal small world music.  Logan wanted to ride it again...but we had other ideas.

The famous Disneyland Turkey Leg!!  I have no idea what they do to these things but they're insane.  We fed our entire family with a turkey leg and an war of corn.  Good stuff...

I said goodbye to logan and Joe....the end of another magical disney adventure.

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