Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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With our upcoming temporary move to Japan, I figured it was about time to get in the swing of blogging again.  We are going to experience so many amazing adventures in the time we are there, I don't want to let the memories go by on any of them!

It's been a rainy week here in Washington.  Much needed, but a definite reminder that is fall, quickly moving to winter. The days are getting shorter and we are finally into cooler days after a very warm September and October.  

Joe is on the hunt for a new beater truck after the 1990 Ford F-150 has had a rough week and the boat is still, sadly, in the water.  We trekked over to Seattle and since it ended up being a rainy day, the kiddo and I went to the Pacific Science Center while Joe checked out the trucks.

This was the third time on the Bainbridge island ferry this week for L and I.  Apparently yesterday was quite the experience with lots of orca whales in the waters between Bainbridge and Seattle.  There was one out there today as well, but we didn't see it in our crossing.  

I don't think I had been to the Science Center in almost 15 years, shortly after I moved to the area.  I remembered it being much more hands on than the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago and much more geared to kids, but other than that, I didn't know what to expect.  

We received a nice tip on the ferry to check out the butterfly room, so with that on my mind, we took advantage of the special pricing we are eligible for (woot! Always worth it to look at any discounts available) and we were in.

We spent a ton of time in the science play area, investigating levers, magnets, airflow and mirrors.  I'll explain more in future years, but even a little bit of understanding levers works for me now!

We wandered through lots of exhibits,  it is all completely hands on!  I think in another two years or so, L will be at the perfect age. There was a preschooler planetarium show that we missed....another day, since we were too busy exploring.

Playing with water jets and trying to get the spinners to move...this is at the edge of the tot area...essentially a play area, with some science themed play related to water, music, nature, etc.  a nice spot to let kids run around.  

There was lots of exploring the exhibits.  The insect room proved to be the highlight of the day...except for the butterfly house which completely terrified him.  Kids....go figure.  

The science center was a hit and we probably could have spent way more time here.  I know we will be back to watch laser shows, IMAX movies, etc in the coming years.  

We ended the day with daddy (no new vehicle purchased, sadly) and had great burgers at Dicks drive in at the Queen Anne location....more adventures tomorrow! 

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