Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Weekend Fun

We had killer weekend.  Saturday was pretty standard.  Logan basically made his own breakfast, cracking the eggs, scooping ingredients and mashing the bananas for these awesomely easy pancakes we've been making since he was little.  He's pretty good with cracking the eggs...and this one, by his own estimation, was "perfect!"  

Other than this, the day was a blur.  Grocery shopping, a birthday party for a kid in his classroom at daycare and then Joe and I had a date night.  I can't say enough things about how amazing it is to have a babysitter that Logan adores.  Adores. The minute I mention Macey is coming over, it is absolute excitement,  we always do frozen pizza....and he could hardly look at us once she gets over.  We went out with friends to the Public House on Bainbridge Island.  Always a treat, especially with friends we havent been able to spend a relaxing evening with in years. 

Sunday was our fun day.  The latest Seattle Childrens Theater play, "Elephant and Piggie" was playing and we had tickets to the show with my friend Lisa and her son (and Logan's best friend, in his eyes) Emmett. 

The day started with yet another ferry ride from Bainbridge.  I'm pretty sure they announced an orca whale sighting as we were walking back to the car.  The Pac NW is amazing!

I've been wanting to visit Macrina Bakery for years and this was the perfect day. l got a kids hot cocoa  and a roly-poly roll, I had a latte and an amazing morning bun.  Decadence on a chilly morning.  

He's looking. Like such the seattlite in his fluffy coat, coffee cup and breakfast.  Sigh. 

We met up with Emmett and Lisa at the Seattle Center Armory,
, already all decked out for Christmas.  The boys indulged us in a couple of pics in front of the tree...and then it was time for the play.

Seattle Childrens Theater always does an amazing job with their shows.  They have suggested age ranges that are appropriate for each show, so it's easy to pick what shows you want to go to.  This was our fourth show and I can definitely see Logan getting more and more engaged in what is going on with the play.  He was laughing when things were funny, paying attention to the characters.  The script for this play was written by Mo Willems and the basis are the "Elephant and Piggie" books, which Logan thoroughly enjoys.

This was a short show -just an hour with no intermission. Perfect length for 3-5 year olds. 

These boys are growing up so quickly....

After the show, Logan and I headed off to lunch at Dick's Drive In...this is quickly becoming my go to spot in Queen Anne when I need to grab something quick.  They have a parking, lot, the food is decent and Logan manages to slay the cheeseburger.  

It was such a gorgeous day out that I wanted to make sure the kiddo was able to stretch his legs before the ride home...daylight is disappearing quickly in the afternoos.  So I was wracking my brain for somewhere to stop...I had heard about the wooden boat center in South Lake Union...let's check it out!

Little did I know that MOHAI was in the same area and that there was a big park there as well.  Perfect to run around, watch float planes and explore for a bit.  

As we were making our way back to the car, I started to hear the sound of jets.  Really fast jets.  Military jets.  They were doing a fly over of Century Link field and were coming our way....Logan and I spotted them in the sky!  He was so stoked....he was so excited to see "navy jets!!" (By all accounts they were probably Air Force).  We called Joe right away because L wanted to let him know.  

What an awesome weekend...it went way too quickly.  

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