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2015 Meals in Review

This year, I tried using my day planner to record the meals we had at home.  Some weeks, I did a better job than others.  While I try using my Knock Knock meal planning pads, sometimes the order was different, or, you know, life happened.  Obviously, some months I did a better job of recording what we ate versus others...and if it was leftovers, I didn't even bother to put it down.

I used the Simplified Planner from Emily Ley this year.  I liked the different sections of each day, I like having a page for each day and I felt like I had a ton of room to doodle during meetings.  I didn't like how big it was...it was fine for being a project in planning, but for this next year, I've gone with a standard Moleskin planner.  It doesn't have the fun quotes, meals and memories for each day, but portability and simplicity were keys for this next year.

I'm going to wrap up each month with the recipe I recorded, where it was from (if noted)...and the. We will see what was popular for the year. 

January (Whistler vacation in here, WDW marathon trip):
Turkey meatball sandwiches (freezer) - What Chefs feed their kids (meatball recipe)
Chicken sausage, kalettes, roasted potatoes
Flaked salmon in pasta (with fennel, sour cream, lemon, spinach)

February (one Monday -Friday trip to San Diego for work):
Italian Sausage and Bell Pepper Subs
Shrimp bowls with avocado (Everyday Food)
Chicken enchilada casserole w quinoa (freezer)
Maple Candy Pork Chops (Dinner: A Playbook)
Potstickers, zucchini
Take out -calzones, cheesesteaks and cannoli 
Fried rice w shrimp (Cooks Illustrated 30 min meals) w 3 eggs
Scallops w spinach salad (bacon, Apple, shallot).  (Cooking Light 2009)
Irish Lamb Stew (horrible) (Costco fresh section)
Asian beef with noodles and lettuce cups( so so, needed more flavor)  (Cooking Light 2009)
Stuffed shells and cheese (yum) 

March (2 weeks in the middle spent in Japan)
Chicken sausage, kalettes, warm white beans with Spanish flavors (paprika, celery)
Steaks, mashed potatoes, broccoli romanesco
Chicken tacos
Trader joes pizza (dough ball, etc) (Logan was my helper)
Jamie Oliver's chicken in milk
Salmon w broccolini (sesame oil, sesame seeds)
Turkey meatballs (freezer) w roasted broccoli
Tortilla casserole (Everyday Food)
Fried rice (3 eggs, shrimp, ham) (Cook's Illustrated 30 min meals)
Costco calzones
Buffalo Wild Wings
Seven Flavor Beef (Rachel Ray)
Savory Cheddar Waffles (chow.com)
Creamy Chicken Taquitos (delish!!) (Our Best Bites)

Ginger Trout in parchment w miso butter and green beans (Plated.com)
(Two more yummy plated meals)
Philly cheesesteak pizza from papa johns 
Smoked ribs (Costco seasoning)
Chicken sausage, tater tots, white beans and kale
Pine nut crusted chicken with kale raab
Potstickers and broccoli
Shrimp po'boys w pickle chips
Takeout teriyaki
Taquitos (freezer) w asparagus a Mexican rice (Rick Bayless recipe)
Udon w tilapia (Plated.com)
Two more plated.com meals 
Mooshu pork
Meatloaf w sweet potatoes and beans
Pizza (Costco)
Flank stead rolled with spinach, white beans w tomatoes
Pork tenderloin w rhubarb sauce
Chicken and rice casserole (NYT), roasted cauliflower w vinaigrette

May (Alaska cruise in the middle)
Smoked turkey legs
Meatballs (freezer) 
Meatballs (freezer)
Costco rotisserie chicken
Chicken thighs w carrots (Dinner:a love story)
Marinated London broil (Cooking Light)
Chicken sausage and kale salad
Smoked ribs from Costco
Bricklayer tacos (Serious eats)
Chicken and pineapple meatballs with rice and roasted broccoli
Pork tenderloin w rhubarb
Soba salad w rotisserie chicken (great food fast)
Homemade pizza

June (two different trips to San Diego)
Baked bbq chicken w Darrow salad (Dinner: A Playbook)
Beef kabobs marinated in hoisin
Maple salmon (Cooking Light 2009)
Lemon chicken (Cooking Light 2009)
Burgers, grilled corn w black bean, avocado and tomato salad
Pork tenderloin w grilled pineapple and rice
Chicken w corn and watermelon
Meatball subs
Pork chops w cherry couscous (cooking light 2012)

Marinated flank steak e cherry tomato, avocado and red onion salad
Chicken under a weighted pan
Smoked sausage w farro, blueberry, nectarine and lime dressing
Skirt steak w roasted cauliflower, shaved Parmesan and lettuce (adapted from everyday food)
Barbacoa tacos (born and raced in Chicago, 5/31)
Pork with peaches and onion relish
Pizza (Costco)
Halibut tacos (Cooking Light)
Chicken enchilada quinoa bake
Chicken sausage
Salmon with lemon relish
Pork ragu in slow cooker
Ribs with coleslaw (w radishes)
Thai ground beef
Snow peas, shrimp and avocado rice bowls (everyday food)
Italian sausage and broccoli
Grilled chicken and spinach (foodlets.com)
Shrimp scampi (Everyday Cooking Light)
Slow cooker brisket (The Kitchn)
Hot dogs
Skirt steak w grilled veggie salad (Fine Cooking)

August (work trip for just over a week)
Salmon salad
Grub Hut (love)
Slow cooker short ribs (Slow Cooker Revolution Vol 2)
KFC (Joe must have been in charge of dinner)
Cold soba noodle salad w rotisserie chicken
Turkey Sloppy Joes (Dinner: A Playbook)
Albacore Tuna w lemon oil and greens
Breakfast sausage hash with sweet potatoes and eggs (Rachel Ray 365 No Repeats) 
Aztecs (gross.  Joe in charge of dinner)
Spiced roasted chicken w za'atr yogurt sauce (Food 52)
Chicken Parmesan
Leftover pork bbq pizzas
Easy teriyaki salmon, rice and corn
Cheesy Mini Meatloaves (Cooing Light 2012)

September (Trip to Disneyland and Japan)
Sausage, bean and kale side dish
Sheet pan pork w veggies and mustard sauce
Pizza (Costco)
Chicken stir fry (Everyday Foo)

October (Chicago for Marathon)
Chicken Enchilada Quinoa Casserole
Brisket (Food 52)
Brats w red cabbage and apples
Turkey meatballs, pasta, veggies
Potstickers and rice
Pizza (homemade)
Cacio e Pepe
Chicken thighs w Greek seasoning, yogurt sauce, rice pilaf
Skirt steak w arugula
Roast beef (slow cooker revolution vol 2)
Rye crusted pork chos (fine cooking), fried cabbage and noodles
Salmon w farro risotto
Tamale Pie (Cooks Illustrated 30 min)
Roasted chicken w mustard sauce
Via Rosa 11 -pasta w porcini and wild mushroom sauce
Chicken sausage w make sausage and beans
Pork Tenderloin w pears (fine cooking 125)
Beef stir fry w snap peas and asparagus (Everyday Colking Light)

November (San Diego for work)
Beef bourgignon (Slow Cooker Revolution)
Rotisserie chicken
Chicken paprakash (easy, from serious eats)
Subway sandwiches (Joe in charge of dinner)
Pork Loin w cranberry orange sauce (slow cooker revolution)
Hangar steak w cauliflower and arugula salad
Gnocchi w chicken sausage (from my mom)
Chili dogs and roasted acorn squash
Swedish meatballs w potatoe pancakes
Chicken teriyaki (cooks illustrated 30 min)
Steaks, creamed Swiss chard (Martha Stewart)
Fried rice w shrimp
Pasta w chicken sausage
Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole (Buns in the Oven)

December (two weeks in Japan and week in cancun)
Clean out the fridge and freezer!!
Chicken enchilada quinoa bake
Smoked turkey
Turkey and Wild Rice casserole (adapted from serious eats chicken and wild ride casserole)
Ham steak with cabbage and noodles (serious eats recipe, no chicken) 
Finally, finishing the year with Pork Ragu (Dinner:A Love Story) and roasted broccoli 


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