Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Fun!

Christmas was a welcome break at home...time went very quickly and we tried to have all sorts of winter fun! In a package that arrived just before Christmas, we received the latest stocking from my mom, Logan's beautiful stocking.

Christmas was a blast.  Logan wanted to play with each toy or gift that he opened.  It was a wonderful morning filled with a happy kid who played with his new toys for a long time.  He was completely spoiled by his grandparents, uncle and aunt and us.  Lucky boy.

Joe wanted to try something new this year and we smoked a heritage turkey from Central Market. It was amazing...a 12 pounder for the three of us provided plenty of leftovers for the week again.  Nom. 

The day after Christmas, Logan and I went over to Seattle for the Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker.  This was a special year for the production, as it had previously been a set with Maurice Sendak illustrations.  This year was completely new, from the set to the costumes.  On top of that, the Seattle Sheraton was doing their annual gingerbread village display and this year the theme was...Star Wars!  It's a free thing, open 24 hours a day.  I just needed to make sure we got there with time for us to eat lunch and then make the nutcracker matinee. 

There was a minimal line when we got there.  We were fortunate, as I had read about a line that was well over an hour long.  It was definitely growing by the time we left, but we zoomed in...

And, wow, was it impressive.  Logan recognized so many of the characters, from Jawa to the more obscure ones.  

It's hard to tell from this photo, but R2-D2 is quite large...probably 3 feet or so and decorated with everything edible.  The kiddo wanted to peel pieces off and sample.  

The nutcracker was magical...Logan got a little antsy in a couple spots, but definitely enjoyed it...

It was so cool that the PNB had all these cool photo set ups.  Definitely a fun feature that made it very family friendly.  I splurged and did the Nutcracker Suite at intermission.  It avoided the lines for goodies, had an open bar (champagne, woohoo!) and had appetizers, candy and hot cocoa.  It was a nice set up.  Don't know if I'd do it for a few more years again, but it was a nice treat.

We ended up with an unexpected snowfall one of the days.  It wasn't much, but it was enough for the kids to play in and throw snowballs. 

Panzer was so happy with the snow...he was trying to catch snowballs and had a great time. 

The week was filled with a lot of time at home, unfortunately.  Joe and I were both working through the to do lists we made to prep for leaving.  I needed to take the cat to Seattle to get her to her foster mom.  Fortunately, that was a great trip.  No feline body fluids at all...it was wonderful.  I got word a couple days later that she was settling in nicely. 

 To try to break things up a bit, Logan and I went to play Kitsap for a morning...it was a welcome outing and even more fun for Logan since there were a couple of new features at the bounce place...including a new Frozen inflatable.  

It got pretty cold the week after Christmas and some crazy icicles were growing on random surfaces outside.  The fire pit, hot tub cover and grass all had this really cool thing going on.  You could sweep it up and see each icicle.  It was wild.  

And this is where I'll leave it...next up...Japan!

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