Sunday, January 10, 2016

Enoshima Island Illumination

Work was done for the weekend and we wanted to be off and exploring.  Kamakura is a typical first day of adventure, but will all the Winter Illuminations still going on, we opted to head to Enoshima Island, just a few train stops past Kamakura.  This was our first train adventure and we were ready to get out there and explore!

We got to Enoshima after a transfer and found these cute little birds wearing knit capes and hats to greeting us.  One of my friends on Facebook commented that the colors of the hats and capes change throughout the seasons.  So cute!

Ready to explore!  We didn't bring a stroller at all to Japan, so we are ready for the climb.  Luckily, there are escalators here...for an additional ticket of course. 

We got there at the perfect time...dark was coming and the lights were all coming on.  

Beautiful sunset....

The other thing that Enoshima has, other than an aquarium, caves, and award winning onsen, are gorgeous tulips.  I think there might be a separate festival for illuminated tulips, but there was a small, lush display during the winter lights.  Beautiful.  Lots of people set up tripods to catch that perfect shot...that's very common here.  

We went to the island with my boss and his daughter.  She's so sweet with kids and has already earned most favored person status with Logan.  

We called this one "the frozen tunnel" because of the chandelier in the was really gorgeous.

The Sea Candle, I think. This, too, was a separate admission.  We didn't go up there tonight, but on a nice day, I bet we will be back so we can see Mt Fuji!

After all that exploring, it was time for us to find some grub. We are relying heavily on Yelp at this point, especially when we need something on the fly.  Kid friendly is a must, so we were led to Kamakura. has a rooftop patio.  It's a Japanese take on a California burger joint.  Interesting decor and really huge burgers. They are generally meant to share and there are burger wrappers at each table, so you don't get a big mess down your outfit.

This was the uber kawaii kids meal.  Nom!

More adventures tomorrow....

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