Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hisago Yakitori Yokosuka

We are eating out way more than we normally do in Poulsbo.  But, with food like this accessible by foot, can you blame us?

I found Hisago Yakitori via an awesome Yokosuka food blog.  I'll admit that it was our back up choice...unfortunately, the first option was out of business, so we Trekker a few blocks further and found Hisago.

There are Yakitori stands along streets all over Japan.  You walk up to them, munch away and then deposit the sticks in a cup...the sticks are counted and then your bill is settled. Mhisago was a sit down restaurant, with a small bar right at the grilling station.  We settled into our table and started eyeing up the menu.  

While we were deciding, some pickled sprouts arrived and we munched on those...we quickly saw the home smoked cheese, pickles and wanted to give the taco salad a try.  Why taco salad?  A lot of restaurants here have an interesting take on salads and the taco salad didn't disappoint. 

First up, chucked balls!  What?  Chicken meatballs..and they were a huge hit with the guys.

Round two of deliciousness... Pork belly, beef tongue, chicken and leek, then beef shared by Joe and I.  Hot dogs for the guys.  Sigh.   Everything was so good.  My personal favorite was the pork belly...or mane the chicken.  Hmmm....

Bacon wrapped anything is good.  Shrimp and asparagus?  Amazeballs. 

Our pile of sticks...they didn't count them, but I appreciated the nice porcelain cup for them.

The Yakitori bar and grilling station...

Finally, the "on a stick" theme continued to back home and dessert time.  Joe toasted up some chocolate marshmallows.  Logan loved it....

Our first Yakitori experience was awesome!  We will, without a doubt, be trying more places around us!

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