Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nissin Cup Noodles Museum and Yokohama

I had been waiting for this day...seriously.  Ive been to Yokohama a number of times and since the first time I walked by it back in 2010, I've wanted to go to the Nissin Cup Noodles museum.  I don't even eat instant ramen, but I was intrigued by the whole concept of a museum dedicated to instant noodles.  

So, Joe found a couple of places he was wanting to try for beer, I had a general plan of what to do and off we went.  We started out the trip with this crazy little monkey...running up to the poles and grabbing /shaking them.  It was way too funny.  He's been able to run around so much more here...maybe this is what it would be like if we lived in the city of something,but somehow, I don't think so....we will enjoy it while it lasts!

Off we went...On another train.  We got going a little later than I thought we would, so our late morning stop ended up being...Krispy Kreme!  I love all the special donuts they do for the seasons and the Valentines Day ones did not disappoint!  Logan wanted a plain sprinkle, Joe got Belgian chocolate and I had cassis with ginger.  Mmmmmm. The donuts don't seem nearly as sweet as their counterparts in the US and I feel like they're a smidge smaller too. 

Fueled by sugar, off we went.  There are a whole slew of tickets for the museum.  One for entry.  The. You go up and get a timed ticket for the kids playground.  Then you go get a timed ticket to make your own noodles.  We had a little time to kill before Logan's turn up the playground, so we explored the whole museum part.  First, I had no idea how many different noodles their were.  Insanity.

Second, I really had to laugh.  There were all these amazing inventions...vaccinations, rocket ships, bullet trains, architecture.  And, Cup Noodles. Same with all the famous people...scientists, humanitarians, civil rights advocates, musicians.  And Momofuku Ando...the inventor of Cup Noodles. 

Well, we killed as much time as possible, so off we went to have Logan enact what it was like to go through the cup noodles plant...or at least that was my interpretation If the play area.  Joe somehow ended up being the one of us who got to escort Logan through the same circuit for 25 glorious minutes...I really, really tried to get in, but only one parent per child.  Darn.

After successfully being processed through the plant, Logan was given this cool hat that he (surprisingly) wore proudly the rest of the morning.  

We were then off to make our noodles!!

First up, decorating our cups....

Joe opted for the happy happy ichiban noodles....and both the guys practiced their Japanese picture skills.  

It was then time to fill the cup.  We had very precise instructions on each step...first Logan cranked the handle 6 times to dump the noodles in...then we selected one broth base and 4 scoops of toppings.  Egg, pork, cheese, shrimp, chives, corn, chicken...all options.  We just picked what looked cool...who knew how it would take...


Tada! Perfectly packaged noodles with their own protective bag!  Success...we ended up eating them the following week (they had a one month expiration on them) and they were all yummy.  Logan's was by far the oddest....the cheese and eggs looked totally weird.  I can't blame him, but he ate all around them....

We were now really, really hungry and the line at the museum cafe was crazy long.  Drat, since I was really hoping to get some of the ramen ice cream! 

We found our way to Baird Brewing, a short walk away.  They had a bbq flair to the food and lovely art for all of their brews.  The beer was on the pricey side...¥1000 for an imperial pint.  But it was good and the food was tasty. Joe had this sandwich and the kiddo and I shared a bbq brisket pizza.

One thing that has struck me as interesting...milk is not common in restaurants for a drink choice.  So, Logan pretty much gets orange juice wherever we go...

And, this was the end of a fun first weekend...exhausted people...tired kid.  Wonderful times.  

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