Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekend in Tokyo

We took advantage of this past three day weekend and spent some time up in Tokyo in Sunday and Monday after both Joe and I splitting up our day on Saturday with each of us working....

Last March, I booked the Sunday of our two three day weekends at the New Sanno in Tokyo, in addition to a hotel near Tokyo Disney...well, for this one, the weather report wasn't favorable for Disney, so Tokyo it was!  I had a kind of loose itinerary...general ideas about what we wanted to do, but nothing firm...I knew Sunday was supposed to be ridiculously rainy, so we planned for that and had an indoor plan for the day.

Joe had visited Ameyoko market, near Ueno Station, when he was here in 2014.  He knew I would love it, so off we went. First, Sunday's in Japan are busy.  It's the only real day off that all Japanese have, so everyone is out doing things.  Not too bad to start and then...

Packed beyond belief!  We met up with friends in town and the guy was a little stunned at just how packed the market area was...

So much cool stuff to see and eat...lots of fresh fish from Tskiji Market, fruits, dried fruits, candy vendors...next time I go, I'll have a better plan of attack, but this time I was just taking it all in.  We kept seeing a guy being followed around by a ridiculous number of cameras.  He was obviously taping a bit for tv or something...but he was sampling all the food - chestnuts, takoyaki, gyros (?!)...

Other random things...pachinko and game parlor a galore.  We loved this claw game with various food items as the prizes...

I love all the random pieces of nature throughout Japan.  This tree was significant...for some reason.  There was a plaque, a gate and a couple other things.

After surviving Ameyoko, we made our way to Ueno Park to explore and find a playground so these kids could shake their legs out.  One of the sweetest parts of the day was when Logan shared his chocolate chunk filled sweets with everyone, voluntarily, sweetly and kindly.  There was no prompting...Logan was wanting to share them from the moment we got them...it was awesome.

The openness was welcome...and then we found these Yoyo professionals doing some amazing tricks...I think we watched them for 20 minutes and he had all the kids entranced!

It was getting close to dusk and our date with the Sky Tree and Star Wars was upon us!  Sweet moment #2:  when the kiddo picked up some change dropped by an older woman across from us and gave it right back to her.  Again, no prompting or asking.

We did the foreigner express ticket...which was more expensive than the regular ticket but involved no hour long line...it's a toss up....but, it was definitely nice to zip right on up to 350 meters.  

Tokyo Tower....way in the distance!

The Star Wars stuff was up at the 450 meter level, so up, up up we went!  There was some neat stuff displayed...including a freebie light saber battle!

Coming back down, you come to the 340 meter level...where the glass floor is!

Brave kiddo!

The next day, we woke up and found unexpected snow outside.  Shoot...there went our plans for Odaiba for the day.  We quickly adjusted and headed for Tokyo Station.  There are multiple malls beneath the station, including a depichika (department store food hall in the basement).

Tired g after a long day....

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