Monday, January 18, 2016

What to eat?

Things from this last week that we either ate...or that looked interesting.

Okonomiyaki in the Daiei mall...okonomiyaki is kind if like a cabbage pancake.  Noodles, cabbage, egg and mayo are mixed together and the put onto a griddle.  The one Logan, my friend Karen and I went to had great instructions and all the tables cook their own food.  There are a couple more in Yokosuka...but this one was definitely kid friendly.mthey out a towel in front of Logan on the edge of the grill, the kids meal was was great.

We got two different ones,  a pork with egg and cheese on top of the normal okonomiyaki mayo, sauce and bonito.  And then a yummy seafood one with shrimp and octopus.

Joe and I were walking through the Honch with Logan one night to go to dinner when we saw this beauty...Wowser.

Ok, after being shocked by the ¥5200 burger, we made our way to Pepper Lunch.  I've had one friend in particular rave about this place for years.  This seemed like it was right up Joe's alley...meat, grill yourself?  So, we made our way over to Blue street and promptly sat down. I love the instructions!

Joe and I each got slightly different meals. Logan really wanted an egg and since we were sharing...sure!  The plate is crazy hot and the meat cooked quickly.  It was delish.  Tender, flavorful and everything cooked perfectly.  A definite hit and we will be back again.

This last weekend, Joe wanted to take me to Ameyoko market...which is another post in and of itself.  We wandered all around and these lovely puffed pastry fish called to us.  We had our choice of sweet bean or Apple custard.  We went for Apple...and it was good.  Pretty inexpensive, so not a ton of filling.  But definitely a sweet treat for the afternoon.

Dinner was at the Tokyo Skytree...its just getting to be strawberry season here...they are everywhere!  It's a bit early in the year for them to be amazing, so I'm holding out a bit longer.

Tokyo Station.  Daimaru Department store, food basement ( depachika).  Joe was in awe.  This is one of the fancier food halls I've been to...and it had some treasures.  Joe got several gummies for dessert to share and they were all cheap and delish.  The ¥7800 fruit was another story...but the desserts...and the lunch things looked amazing.

I've heard about these Kit kat stores.  I've never been to one.  Until today.  Totally surprised and there it was, exclusive flavors and all!  Butter, strawberry maple, passion fruit and chili...fruit flavors.  And no line! I definitely bought a couple for later.  

Lunchtime, Tokyo station...random katsu place in "Kitchen Street" underground.  The meal was interesting...Joe didn't totally order the right thing.  He ended up with wheat rice and shredded yam...which was just weird and gooey.  Then, he also had daikon radish on too of his katsu.  He thought it was some weird mashed potato, but one taste and it was definitely daikon!  I liked my lunch...and then we got to the miso soup.  This wasn't any normal miso,  oh no, there were teeny tiny clams the size of our fingernails.  Very interesting...Logan loved the little size and thoroughly loved the clams.

In hindsight, Joe was wishing we had just grabbed some of the deliciousness in the food hall...but it's all the experience.  

Finally, Ginza Cozy Corner at the Daiei always has adorable Disney cakes.  This month, it's Tsum Tsum cakes!  Must resist....

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