Sunday, February 07, 2016

Amazing Sushi...

I'm forever ruined for conveyer belt sushi.  Forever.

One of my coworkers invited a few of us out to this new sushi restaurant he had recently found.  There was no English spoken, so it was pretty essential that we went with someone who spoke Japanese.  Luckily, we have a co-worker who is originally from Okinanwa and spent 19 years at Sasebo.  Sweet!

Time for a night out without the boys!  Hooray!  I was desperately needing a night of adult conversation...

We went to Maborikaigan and a quick walk from the station, found ourselves at the counter of a very small restaurant.  Total number of people who could be dining at one time?  14.  This is so typical in Japan and it's wonderful.  

I didn't start taking pictures until the second course...the amazing tuna (one gunkanmaki roll, and two pieces of nigiri sushi with tuna slices that were easily 5 inches long) was divine and flew into our mouths.

It gets a little bit complicated what types of fish came out next, but one thing was very clear..the chef said "no sauce" when he wanted to make sure we didn't put soy sauce on the pieces, since they were already seasoned.  

The topping on the below nigiri piece is a grated mountain yam that tastes a little like horseradish hand had an interesting consistency.  It's hard to describe, but it was great.

Mackerel, I think, with seasoned seaweed.  There was also an insanely huge piece of tamago on top of rice.  The most delicate, sweet tamago I have ever tasted.  Wow.  

About this time, we were served a shrimp soup with shrimp heads, shells and roe.  Wow.....

Ok, three delish sweet shrimp and a scallop.  Fresh, not fishy..tender, amazing.

Next up, seasoned octopus, seaweed from Okinawa and rice.  We stirred it up and down it went.  The octopus was absolutely the most tender octopus I've had.  No chewiness that people usually associate with it.

The final pieces...two gunkanmaki rolls.  One with seasoned roe....

And the other was top grade uni from Hokkaido "Number 1" as the chef said.  

This was my first time having uni (sea urchin roe) and I remember some of my friends had said it was strong, bad, etc.

This was like butter.  Delicate, rich.

Oh my.

So, for all this....we paid ¥3200 yen each.  Insanely cheap for the quality and I absolutely need to go back.  Our friend from Okinawa said this was basically the best he's had.  Ever.  

How many more of these small mom and pop places with insane food are out there???  That's what I want to know...

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