Saturday, February 06, 2016

Kannonzaki Roller Park

On my list of places to go, Kannonzaki Park was near the top.  It's at the south east end of the Muira peninsula...the same peninsula we are on and it's known for the lighthouse and roller slides. Joe was feeling sick, but Logan and I still ventured out to see if we could find the roller slides.  Maps aren't the greatest, if you can't read kanji, but I had a general sense of where they were...

We hopped on bus 24 right outside our door and rode it all the way to the end.  This was a great way to see the city around Yokosuka and I'm gaining confidence in our ability to take the bus.  We got off, went in the general direction of the park and started walking.  Logan opted to take the path less traveled and we found ourselves scrambling up a hill, with very steep stair cases, rough rocks and long steel hill sides.  It was definitely an adventure, but we hooked up with the main trail quickly.  We were walking along and ran across a walking group...many of them said hello and good morning to us with huge smiles..very cool.

After a little bit, I saw the jungle gym that I had remembered from another blog post.  I suspected a roller slide was at the end of this structure.

Can I just say that Japanese park definitely are not engineered for safety the way that American parks are...this is both good for the kids and terrifying for me, especially since my kid is a huge adventurer...

Off we climbed....

The end of the climbing ends up at this structure with the shorter roller slide to the right of the picture and the larger one to the left.  I had purchased butt scoots at the ¥100 for us and they came in handy. Logan did the shorter one by himself, but we ended up doing the longer one together. 

After a short snack stop, we started walking and found a large garden /park area.  In another month or two, I'm sure it will be gorgeous.  It was plenty pretty, though, with large open spaces, nicely placed trees and some smaller flowers in bloom. 

After another 20-ish minute walk...we found it.  The big slide.  I could tell it was going to be steep, so I figured we would go down together.  I got us positioned on the scoot, camera in hand...and we were flying.  Holy smokes this thing was fast!  Seriously, it's a good thing the sides of the slide were there.  We got to the bottom of the slide and the "landing area" had a big puddle in the middle of it.  Rush-roh.  We were going fast....and, I mistimed the bottom, so we ended up falling into the water and soaking the bottoms of our pants.  Soaking.  Figures, the one time I didn't bring spare pants for the kiddo.  

We laughed it off and the older Japanese man who was working at the bottom made sure we were ok...Logan was a little stunned and just needed us to help convince him that it was fun (and funny!) we got there eventually.  But it was a little iffy for a minute or two.  I reminded Logan that he wanted water, he got water slides.  He didn't find that too funny...

At the bottom of the slide, there was another obstacle course. Off we went!  The ideal age was 6-12 years old, so a few of the things didn't work too well, but for the most part, he did a great job.

We went down the roller slide one more time.  I thought again about taking some video and had a couple of 1 second clips.  But between holding onto the kiddo, the butt scoot and the camera, I figured focusing on two of those things were better than the camera.  

We took a different way down the hill to see if we could avoid having all the way to the end of the bus was an excellent map.  The big slide is in yellow next to Logan's hand. We successfully got from the red dot to the second or third bus stop from the end and we even had time to grab a sandwich and onigiri (stuffed rice ball) at the Family Mart.

We had a blast.  Joe was jealous of our adventures and wants to head back there so he can experience the huge slide.  It'll be hard to do a repeat, when our adventures keep us going, but since it's so close...I'm sure we will make time.  

Until another adventure!

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