Sunday, February 28, 2016

Miurakaigan Sakura Blossoms

The early Sakura blossoms are out on the Miura peninsula a short train ride away...I've been seeing them all over my Facebook feed lately, so we ventured down after I worked this last Saturday to check them out.  The Sakura are uber popular in Japan, as are most vibrant flowers. People just flock to areas to view various blooming plants throughout the year.  The ones in Miurakaigan are a particular type of early cherry...

We took the Keikyu line and arrived a short time later.  

There was a festival going on for the approximate month that the Sakura are flowering starting at the station.  All kinds of food vendors were out, along with lots of other specialty items.  The Sakura here were at their peak and beautifully gorgeous.

As we walked along, many of the trees were already starting to lose the blossoms....

I stopped to take a picture behind us at one point...there was a constant crowd of people along this road, so much so that I had a very polite line behind me about 10 people deep when I finished taking my picture.  Whoops.

I think these are mustard greens flowers.  It made a nice backdrop for the Sakura. 

We stopped at part of the loop and had a picnic at a pond with Sakura trees along the side.  It was a nice little spot for lunch.  More food vendors, tons of people, but a very nice way to relax.

Heading into the station, there was a very interestingly dressed young lady...

Logan and I went out later that night for a Starbucks snack while Joe was out having fun with a friend in town.  I went with the Sakura theme and got the special drink that's go on right now - Sakura Blossom and Strawberry Latte.  Sweet, but yummy!

Can't wait to see the Ume (plum) blossoms next and then the main Sakura season shortly behind that!

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