Saturday, February 13, 2016

Running and Zushi

Another weekend off...I needed this one.  It had been a hectic week at work with long hours and me getting off just in time for dinner.  I needed a recharge.  Logan and I hung out Friday night while Joe bowled and then Saturday we went onto base for the Valentines Day run kids dash.  It felt weird to be at a run and not be running the full distance -14k in this instance.  The swag was awesome and now I'm trying to figure out how much of a suffer fest it will be if I sign up for the half marathon.

I digress...Logan was all about doing the 1k kids dash and at the last minute, he wanted me to run with him.  So, off we ran!

The kiddo had a blast running.  He definitely wanted to be picked up at a couple of points, but we kept doing run and walk breaks and it was easy-peasy.  He gutted it out for a sprint finish -I was so proud of him.

We went grocery shopping and then made our way back home...we didn't have any huge plans for the day and we opted for low key since we had a big outing planned for the next couple of days.  We headed to Higashi-Zushi for Kappa Sushi.  Silly us, we thought this was the same as the Shinkansen kappa sushi located near Keikyu-Otsu.  We were mistaken...but we tried it anyway.  There was a lovely Japanese family who owned the place and we got a couple of sushi was definitely an experience.  Logan is on a huge kick where he loves salmon roe, raw tuna and I even got him to eat some tamago.  Definitely my kid.

After that adventure, we went to Zushi proper to wander around and make out way to the beach.  We checked out a lot of cool stores, walked on a lot of little back streets and knew we were getting close to the beach when the wind picked up.  The windsurfers were out there zipping around and Logan had a blast writing in the sand and looking for shells.

We walked along the beach and found some nice pieces of sea glass and pottery.  And a very kind older Japanese man kept bringing us small pink shells that he called Sakura (cherry blossoms), lips and then horns.  He truly kept coming back across the beach to share these items with was a wonderful moment and Logan wanted to give him one of his shells he collected.  The older man waved bye to us as we walked away...totally cool experience.

Zushi Beach....

As we were leaving we spied a ....wait for it....Red Lobster.  Joe and I might have to go there for the sheer novelty.

We took a new way back to the train station and found the pinnacle of vending machines.  The alcohol vending machine...cans of beer, chi-hai...all right there.  Except we think there was a special card that needed to be scanned to verify age...and we didn't have it.  Sigh.

Wandering in, we came across a place called the Beach Muffin that rang a bell for Joe.  I checked out the menu, saw they were a distributor of a local beer made in Zushi, so in we went.  They also has a great vegan menu that I would love to give a try...but, we smacked on muffins, enjoyed beer and hot cocoa, and enjoyed the really cool place to relax.  I would totally recommend the Beach Muffin as a kid friendly, quirky place.  A little out of the way, but worth the excursion.  

And, that wrapped up our day.  We stopped at Marlowe in Zushi, picked up some desserts (OMG) and went home to some homemade Tonkatsu, cabbage salad and rice.  Nom.

Tomorrow's adventure?  Nagano and snow we come!


  1. What a great day!

  2. Looks so fun! Glad you took some much deserved time off on the weekend.