Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Adventures...Costco and Tokyo

I've been wanting to go to Costco for ages....just to go.  Our small apartment doesn't have a large fridge or a ton of storage space, so it shouldn't be practical at all...

But I love Costco.  I love all the different regional things they have...and Japan was no exception.  We made the easy trip this past weekend when we got rained out of cherry blossom viewing.  We headed up to Yokohama via the Keikyu and Seaside lines and before we knew it, we were there. It was around lunchtime when we arrived, so I jumped in the long food court line.  Everything sounded great, but we sprung for two hot dogs, clam chowder, a slice of combo pizza and soft serveice cream from Hokkaido. 

The hot dogs and pizza were exactly like home.  Sigh...delicious. The clam chowder was ok...pretty thin and not a ton of clams.  Logan and I loved the ice cream.  It was rich, creamy and yum.  Joe wasn't as huge if a fan, but I'm not sure if he just expected something else and this was different than that.

I had been warned about the crazy lines, but after checking out everything, grabbing conservatively few items, the lines weren't terrible at all.  We ended up getting a little produce, dinner from the cook at home deli section and a few other random things.  Fun things we noticed:  take n bake seafood or baked potato pizza; salted wild coho salmon fillets -the regular unsalted was all Atlantic farmed (bleh), boxes of cooked snow crab in the freezer; hot paella with the rotisserie chickens: rotisserie chickens cut into pieces (and some whole ones too); nice orderly lines for samples; lots of sausages of various flavors and sizes; mega packs of bagels; all kinds of goodies from home.  If time allows and we have a legitimate need, I'd love to go back...if for nothing else to grab dinner!

Sunday was our big outing day...the weather was going to be much nicer and so we headed up to Tokyo.  I had a pretty aggressive plan...and it ended up turning out very well, just exhausting! 

We started up in Shibuya and visited the Hachiko statue.  He was a dog in the pre WW II time who waited for his owner every day at the train station Shibuya station.  For 9 years after the owner died, the dog continued to go at the right time and wait...amazing loyalty...and so we have the statue.  

The guys at the scramble crossing....not terribly crowded today, but it was relatively early by Japanese standards.

After the scramble, we started to wander towards Harajuku...we got distracted by a "Pie Face" shop that had personal sized pies with cute faces...yummy steak pie!

We did some sightseeing along the way and at to the Meiji shrine.  One of the gates (I'm not sure if it's this one) at the shrine is largest Torii gate in Japan at around 39 feet tall...the wood that was used is from 1500 year old Japanese cypress trees.  And that is our son putting his tongue on the gate.  Sigh.

The sake barrels commemorating the shrine.

The Meiji shrine is very popular location for Shinto weddings...and Sunday was no exception.

Joe had just about had it with Logan and his wandering.

After enjoying the forest around the shrine, we went to one of the oddest places in Tokyo...Harajuku.  It did not disappoint.

For lunch we at at the Baird Brewing Harajuku.  Yes, another Baird Brewing location....but this one was more of an izakaya (Japanese pub with small plates meant to be eaten with alcohol and shared).  Really interesting food...and a yakitori plate of various chicken pieces for the kiddo.  A quiet spot in an otherwise busy loud area.

From Harajuku, we hopped back on the train and went to Shinjuku for one thing...but along the way, we saw some cool signs, busy much going on, it was hard to know where to look.... 

And then....Godzilla attacks!

This is the only reason we came here...I wanted to see the huge Godzilla attacking the city.  We also went to the hotel where he's on the roof and I played dumb American to be able to go onto the roof...I might have walked by the sign that said "cafe and hotel guests only" was worth it!

Finally, the pinnacle (ha!) of the day....

Tokyo Tower.

Why is Logan obsessed with Tokyo tower?  Because of the Cars movies and Maters Tall Tales.  Obsessed.

Luckily, it was cheaper and less crowded than the sky tree, so up we went...

And down we looked!

We now have a very tired kiddo.  We had about a kilometer walk to get some beer at Brew Dogs (the company owned by the Scottish duo who also has a TV show).  Very nice place to music, good beer.  Pricey food and beer, but everything looked great and the beer was delish.

That was our whirlwind day in Tokyo.  It was so much that Logan fell asleep on the way home, once we got comfy on the Keikyu line...we were all spent and, despite some tired feet at the end of our day, he held his own with walking pretty well. 

We've been powering through nap time when we have been out on weekends, for the most part.  It's good, because we get more time to go places, but it's always rest danger zone of pushing a super tired kiddo...

But, he's done great.  

Funny story...asked Logan again what his favorite part of the day was...watching the kids ride their strider bikes in races at the base of Tokyo Tower.  Of course.  But, he now wants to actually ride his strider, so maybe it's a win-win!


  1. Oved your Tokyo pix.they brought back great memories.

  2. Some of those places look familiar, Jenna. :-) Thanks for sharing your day!