Friday, March 04, 2016

More Yokohama Fun... Cosmo World and a Nabe Festival

Oy...what a week.  I worked both days last weekend (albeit not for all that long) and it looks like I'm going in for at least one day this weekend.  But, last weekend we had a great time and decided to head up to Yokohama to Cosmo World.  It's this little theme park right in downtown Yokohama.  

The kid had a great view in one of the trains, especially when the very nice lady moved to let him have a better view.  I have to say, the kindness people have shown on trains to us has been incredible.  People will get up to let Logan sit down on the longer rides, people scoot over...everyone loves trains and it seems like all the kids love train watching.  It's pretty cool.

So, Cosmo World.  Sigh.  Logan remembered that there was an amusement park right away when we popped outside and he remembered we were right by the Cup Noodles museum.  Smart boy...great memory.

This was an interesting park.  A lot of the rides were covered by a ticket and then all these very silly cheesy rides were an extra ¥200 each. After about three of those, we "ran out of money".  

The ticketed rides were super cheesy....

Splash Mountain this definitely wasn't. 

But, thus ride was why we wanted to come here.  A pedal roller roaster. 

It was pretty cool...some quick googling showed at least one other crazy cool pedal coaster in Japan.  It's too far away for us to venture to on a weekend, but a girl can dream.

There was one slightly fast coaster that the kiddo could go on with Joe.  Whee!

Next, it was my turn for the pedal coaster.  Logan kept wanting me to go faster and then slammed on the brakes,  

After wrapping up Cosmo World for now, we slowly made our way over to the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama.  On the way, we passed a really beautiful ship. 

I didn't know much about what there was to eat in this area, but I had seen a small blurb in Time Out Tokyo about a donabe festival.  Donabe are hot pot meals that are served in winter here.  I have a nice looking donabe pot and a cookbook, but haven't made anything yet.

So, here we were.  It was a spectacular spring day and it was perfect for eating outside.  There were lots of options, but Joe just wanted karage (fried chicken), I knew meat on a stick would work for the kiddo, so it was up to me to be adventurous.


It was delicious.  The chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy...fried garlic, lots of pepper and some greens rounded out the bowl.  Yum.  Paired with some sake, it was definitely a great lunch.

Ok, two last things to do at Cosmo World before we called it a day..Joe went on the only adult coaster they was ok, but nothing special other than going underground.  The fun part was that Joe was tall enough, he needed the shoulder harness extender. Definitely not engineered for tall people.  The second thing was this clock Ferris wheel.  Apparently it's the largest clock Ferris wheel in the world.  We were way, way up there and it freaked me out.

Found a foot bath onsen that I definitely need to go back to!

Not so happy...I'm not sure why I am not a fan of them.  The London eye was fine, the Seattle great wheel is ok...this one wasn't.  Maybe it was the wind whipping through the gondola a little bit...or the Japanese voice that piped over the speaker system about halfway through the ride.  Whatever it was, it was not my favorite. 

We headed back to the train station and called if a day.  Trains aren't much of a big deal proven by the nap Logan took on my lap.  Two Sunday's in a row, he's napped on the train.

Until more adventures next week....

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